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College Sports but no national teams

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Q: What are some of the Virginia sports?
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Related questions

How many sports does the the West Virginia have?

west virginia has 4 sports

Are there any professional sports teams from Virginia?

No, there aren't any professional sports teams in Virginia.

What are some official sports teams in Virginia?

The following is a list of professional sports teams in Virginia. Virginia is by far the most populous U.S. state without a major professional sports league franchise playing within its borders, although two of the major-league teams representing Washington, D.C.-the NFL's Washington Redskins and NHL's Washington Capitals-have their practice facilities and operational headquarters in Northern Virginia.West Virginia Mountaineers, and Virgina Cavaliers are just two of the Virginia college teams. There are many more

What are Virginia's professional sports teams?

A list can be found by clicking on the link below. There are no major professional sports leagues in Virginia.

Which sports teams play in Virginia?

There are many sports teams in Virginia. To see a full list click in the sources and related links below.

Where is the Virginia Sports Hall Of Fame Foundation Inc in Portsmouth Virginia located?

The address of the Virginia Sports Hall Of Fame Foundation Inc is: Po Box 370, Portsmouth, VA 23705-0370

What are the Famous sports teams of Virginia?

Virginia Cavaliers(NCAA Football team)

What sports do they play in Virginia?

Virginia is a state of our country, so they have the same sports as any other else in the country. (examples) football,hockey,golf,soccer,etc.

What is Virginia's state sport?

Virginia does not have an official state sport. Though nine of the fifty states have state sports, Virginia is not one of them.

What is the mascot of the Virginia tech sports teams?

the hokie

Which sports teams play in Virginia?


Why are sports teams called 'Hokies' in Virginia?

If you live in Virginia then you have heard the term "Hokie" before. Many sports teams have a cheer called the "Old Hokie" cheer, hence why people use the word "Hokie".

Why are Virginia tech and Virginia are rivals?

Thier sports teams. They are both good teams, so they often compete.

Where can one see the UVA football schedule?

University of Virginia Cavaliers fans can check the schedule for UVA football games on the Virginia Sports website. You can also find the schedules for other UVA sports.

What sports are in Virginia?

People in Virginia play baseball, football, field hockey, gymnastics, and soccer.

What channel is NBC sports on dish network in Virginia?


What are two major league sports in Virginia?

Volleyball and Baseball

What sports can you play in West Virginia?

Who has sex more often

What sports has Virginia Tech been ranked 1?


What are the most popular sports in Virginia?

baseball , basketball, football....

7 What is the nickname of the Virginia Tech sports team?

The Hoakies

What percentages of kids in West Virginia do not play sports?

it is easy

Who is the most popular athlete in Virginia sports history?

Michael Vick

Will Virginia get a professional sports team?

I would say sooner or later they will

What year has Virginia Tech been ranked 1 sports?