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In the world? The most popular sport is football. (Or call it soccer, if you are an American.)

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Q: Which league sport is most popular?
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What is the most popular sport in aboriginal culture?

The most popular sport in aboriginal culture is Ruby and Ruby League.

What is the most famous sport in Sydney?

The most popular sport in Sydney is Rugby League!

On Average What rates the most popular sport in Australia?

Rugby league

What youth organized sport is most popular in the world?

little league baseball

What is the MLB's popularity compared to the NFL's?

The National Football League is the most popular sport in the United States followed by Major League Baseball. The NFL has been the most popular sport for the past 30 years.

Is rugby league the most popular Australian sport?

Rugby League sits second, AFL is first, and cricket is third.

What is more popular English rugby league or Australian?

Australian Rugby League is most likely to be more popular because soccer is the main sport of england.

Most popular sport in Brazil?

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil.Soccer.The most popular sport in Brazil is football.

What is the most popular sport in Singapore?

The most notable sport among Singaporeans is football (soccer). The FAS governs the sport and football fans tune in to the S-League, Singapore's local football league. I LOVE SPORTS.The natinal sport of singapore is basketball.

Is tennis a popular sport?

Yes, tennis is the 4th most popular sport in the world, 13th most popular sport in America, and the most popular individual sport in the world.

What is India's most popular sport?

cricket is most popular sport

What is the most popular rugby league?

NRL in Australia, is the far most popular RL world-wide, because of the amount of supports. NrL is ranked second "most popular sport'

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