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it all depends on the person .... The fastest shot I have ever seen was a side arm

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Q: Which lacrosse shot is faster underhand overhand or sidearm?
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Why is an overhand serve dangerous and more difficult in volleyball?

its more difficult than an underhand serve because you throw it in the air and try to hit it. its more easier to do an underhand serve because you hold it your hand rather than throwing it in the air. its more dangerous because it goes in a faster speed than an underhand serve.

What is the difference between a softball game and a baseball game?

softballl is mainley for girls or older ppl and they throw faster and they have a bigger ball. Baseball is mainly for guys, they throw faster and have a smaller ball than softball

What is the three basic stances in hitting a softball?

The three known stance are OPEN, CLOSED, and SQUARE stance. They vary in the front foot or the one nearest the pitcher. The square stance is the one being taught because it is the stance where you can cover both inside and outside pitches.

What are some quesions and answers for playing volleyball?

F.A.Q. Which is the best way to serve? Well, the one that portrays your strength the most is underhand, but overhand goes faster. When should I bump it, and when should i set or spike it? If it's under your nose, than it should be a bump, if it's over your nose, set. What are the best brands of kneepads? I say Asics. Hope this helps, Me.

What are the 3 basic serves in volleyball?

Well I guess there are three general types of serves in volleyball,Floater (the ball doesnt really spin much, it can float across the court, common)Top Spin (the ball spins very fast forward, common)Side spin (the ball spins sideways, not very common)But there is also these three types, Jump serve (a very powerful serve, has several advantages like, power, intimidation, and getting the ball to the court faster (since your jumping the ball doesnt have to go up and across, just across))Standing overhand serve (a standard serve, you will see this most)Underhand serve (used in lower levels of volleyball, not an effective/strong serve at all, it's never used in highschool/college)

Do smaller elbow pads give you a faster and more accurate shot in lacrosse?


What is the average score of a lacrosse game?

It is the goal of lacrosse to score as many points as possible. An opponent scores points by kicking, nipping, batting, or throwing the very hard rubber ball into their net with their stick. The ball cannot be thrown into the net with the hands.

What goes faster a hockey shot or a lacrosse shot?

depends on the shooter. if we are talking professional players than it would most likely be a hockey shot... especially a slap shot. but that's not saying a lacrosse shot isn't hard.

How do you play defense on someone faster in a lacrosse game?

Mark her and her stick get in front of her or him and do an down check no up check whistle blowed

How fast can a lacrosse ball be thrown?

kinda. it all depends on what position you play in lacrosse. lacrosse is faster because of the posistion of middie and attack they are the ones on the team that run notice how basketball players stop and dribble then shoot or pass lacrosse is always running cause of defence and the shots of lacrosse will beat bball anyday

Can you throw a baseball faster if you were to wined up your hand or throw it normally both throwing in the overhand position?

i once thought that winding up made me throw harder then someone had a radar gun and there was no difference when i throw normally

Why does lacrosse require special shoes?

Lacrosse doesn't necessarily require certain shoes. When playing, most people use tennis shoes or cleats. This is because its easier to run faster in those types of shoes and they don't have to worry about them coming off when running