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Mark her and her stick get in front of her or him and do an down check no up check whistle blowed

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Q: How do you play defense on someone faster in a lacrosse game?
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How has lacrosse changed since it was first played?

Pockets have deepened allowing players to run faster with the ball and not as afraid that they will drop it. Also, defense has gotten more physical to stop attackers from scoring, goalies have faster reflexes, the game in general has become faster and more physical.

Can someone tell me what are the Lakers fans are shouting during a game?

defense,defense, defense

What is a lacrosse game?

Lacrosse is a sport. A lacrosse game is playing the sport.

How do you know what position to play in lacrosse?

The coach will tell you before the game starts.Positions:1st, 2nd, and 3rd home (ATTACK)Point, Cover Point, and Third Man (DEFENSE)Defensive Wings (DEFENSE)Attack Wings (ATTACK)Goalie (DEFENSE)Center (ATTACK & DEFENSE)There are usually 12 girls or 10 guys on each team in an "official" lacrosse game.

When was the first Women's Lacrosse game?

The first Women's LaCrosse game was in 1980.

What is the easiest position for a new lacrosse player to play?

midfield because they play both offense and defense so the learn the game quicker.

How many people can be in the offensive zone in a lacrosse game?

There can be 13 people total, but for the offense there can only be 6 and for the defense there can be 7 including the goalie.

How is a lacrosse game timed for major league lacrosse?

with a watch.

Is it a lacrosse game or lacrosse match?

Lacrosse game - Girl whos been a Lacrosse player for 5 yrs - This is true - Guy who's playing D-1 college lax

What game is not in Olympics?


Where do you get college lacrosse 2010?

If your thinking about College Lacrosse 2010 as a video game, there is no College Lacrosse Video Game. If you mean something else I have no clue.

Are there indoor lacrosse fields?

yes but the game is called box lacrosse

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