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It is A.C. Milan.

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A.C.Milan have won 7 titles.

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Q: Which is the second most successful soccer club in the world?
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What is the greatest soccer club in Italy?

A.C Milan is by far the greatest soccer club Italy has ever seen. A.C Milan is the world's most successful club, winning more trophies than any other club, including the UEFA Champions League on several occasions.

What were the Chelsea Headhunters originally named?

The Chelsea Headhunter were originally named the Chelsea Shed Boys. This soccer club is very successful and won a world cup in the year 2000 when the club was in their prime.

Who is the oldest soccer club in Lebanon?

The oldest soccer club in Lebanon is the Ansar club: Al-Ansar is a Lebanese football club based in Beirut. They won the Lebanese national league between 1988 and 1999 inclusive to break the world record. They have won 11 FA cups and are the most successful to have ever competed in the cup. In facts, they are the most successful Lebanese club in the Premier League. To read more, you can visit this links:

What is the worst soccer club in the world?


In what city is AC Milan based?

AC Milan is an Italian football club that is based out of Milan, Lombardy. They play in Serie A and are the most successful world soccer club and have eighteen officially recognized titles.

Most successful soccer club in Britain?

Glasgow Rangers because they have won their own league more than any other club.

What is the first soccer club?

Sheffield FC, Sheffield, England was the first football/soccer club in the world and is 150 years old in 2008

Should soccer be a world sport?

It is a world sport, on a national and club level.

What is the smallest city in the world with a professional soccer club?


Which soccer club is the best team in the world?

Chelsea FC

Which club has the best soccer players in the world?

The club with the best players are Barcelona, with Messi and Xavi.

Who is the second richest soccer club boss in south Africa?

Motsepe of mamelodi sundowns