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Glasgow Rangers because they have won their own league more than any other club.

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Q: Most successful soccer club in Britain?
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Which is the second most successful soccer club in the world?

Manchester United

Most successful soccer club?

well of all time Manchester united but this year i will have to say real Madrid

Who is the oldest soccer club in Lebanon?

The oldest soccer club in Lebanon is the Ansar club: Al-Ansar is a Lebanese football club based in Beirut. They won the Lebanese national league between 1988 and 1999 inclusive to break the world record. They have won 11 FA cups and are the most successful to have ever competed in the cup. In facts, they are the most successful Lebanese club in the Premier League. To read more, you can visit this links:

What is the greatest soccer club in Italy?

A.C Milan is by far the greatest soccer club Italy has ever seen. A.C Milan is the world's most successful club, winning more trophies than any other club, including the UEFA Champions League on several occasions.

Who is the most successful club side in northern Ireland?

Linfield Football Club would be considered the most successful club in Northern Ireland.

Guinness World Records most successful sports team ever?

The two most successful sports franchise world wide are the New York Yankees of American Major League Baseball, and the Manchester United soccer club in England. Edit: Manchester United aren't even the most successful English team, that is Liverpool FC. In Europe, Real Madrid are considered the most successful with FIFA voting them the most successful club of the 20th century.

Where is the Carlton Football Club located?

The Carlton Football Club is located in Melbourne, Austraila, and has existed since 1897. This football club (soccer to Americans) is one of the most successful in the league, having won sixteen championships.

What is the most selling soccer jersey in the US?

Club America Soccer Jerseys

Why Liverpool is the most successful club?

It was successful because of Ian Rush.

Which Mexican soccer club is the most respected in southamerica?

"Club America" is the most popular soccer club in Mexico. Close behind are Las Chivas, Cruz Azul, and Los Pumas.

Who is the most successful club?

Manchester United

What soccer club has the most wins?

Its AC Milan

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