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Q: Which is the oldest NFL franchise to not win a NFL league championship?
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Who is the oldest NFL franchise?

The Arizona Cardinals were founded in 1898, making them the oldest living franchise.

Oldest NFL team?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest NFL Franchise.

What is an NFL championship ring?

NFL championship ring is a ring that is awarded to the winners of the league's annual championship game.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the oldest American football team in the US?

No, they are not. But they are the oldest franchise in the NFL's American Football Conference.

When were the Green Bay Packers created?

They were created in 1919 and became part of the American Professional Football Association (now the NFL) in 1921. They are the third oldest franchise in the league.

What is the youngest NFL franchise?

The Houston Texans - they first played in the league in 2002.

What NFL team doesn't have a championship?

Depends on what you mean by "championship." Every team in the NFL has won either a division, conference, or league championship, with the exception of the Houston Texans.

What are the top five oldest franchise in the NFL?

The Oldest NFL teams are the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Colts and the New England Patriots

Bears championship wins?

The Chicago Bears franchise has won 9 championships since its creation. Their first championship, in 1921, took place in the American Professional Football Association (APFA). The AFPA was renamed the National Football League, the following year, in 1922. 1921 (APFA), 1932 (NFL), 1933 (NFL), 1940 (NFL), 1941 (NFL), 1943 (NFL), 1946 (NFL), 1963 (NFL), and 1985 (NFL Super Bowl XX).

What is the oldest team in the National Football League?

The Decatur Staleys (now the Chicago Bears) and the Chicago Cardinals (now the Arizona Cardinals), are founding members. The Green Bay Packers, founded 1919 and who joined the NFL in 1921, is the oldest NFL franchise in continuous operation with the same name in the same location.

How many teams were in the league when the Browns won the NFL championship?

10 teams.

Which team has played in the most NFL championship games?

Super Bowl XLII will be the 18th NFL Championship game the New York Giants have played in which is the most of any NFL franchise. Super Bowl XLII will be their fourth Super Bowl and they played in 14 NFL championship games prior to the Super Bowl era.

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