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Q: Which is the largest team sport in India?
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What team sport has the largest playing field?


Which sport has the largest fan base?

The Answer to sport worldwide is Soccer, but the biggest fan based team in America is The Dallas Cowboys

Who is the coach of Indian Badminton team?

The coach of the Indian Badminton team is Pullela Gopi Chand. The Badminton Association of India is the governing body of the badminton sport in India.

Is curling an individual sport or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

What is India the largest of?

India is the largest in democracy.

Is baseball a team sport or an individual sport?


Which is the famous sport of India?

i think the most famous sport in India is cricket

What is the most played sport in India?

the most played sport in India is........ CRICKET!!!!!

Is India's main sport something to do with gymnastics?

India's main sport is cricket.

Which is second biggest sport in the world?

football. Football is the largest sport! The second largest sport is Field Hockey

Is curling an individual or team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

Is netball a team sport?

Yes, netball is a team sport.

Which is the largest bank in India?

State Bank of India is the largest bank in India.

What is India is sport?

india'sFav sport is Cricket

What sport uses the largest ball?

The regulation sport that uses the largest ball is basketball.

Is horse shoe an individual sport or a team sport?

No. It is not a sport or a team sport. But lots of people like to play it and say its a sport. :)

What is largest city in india?

Mumbai is the largest city in India.

What is the largest animal in India?

The elephant is the largest animal in India.

Largest district in India?

The largest district in India is Ladakh.

Is softball a group team or alternative team sport?

It's a group team sport

What sport ranks second in attendance per year?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world. First being Football (Soccer)

Is the worlds largest peninsula India or India Subcontinent?

India is a largest peninsula in the world..

Is curling an individual game or a team sport?

Curling is a team sport.

Is dog sled racing a team sport?

yes it is a team sport

Is lacrosse considered a team sport?

Yes, lacrosse is a team sport.