Which is the home ground for FC Inter Milan?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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The San Siro stadium which is officially called Stadio Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

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Q: Which is the home ground for FC Inter Milan?
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Did inter Milan fc originated from ac Milan fc?


Is Inter Milan better than Manchester United FC?

At the moment, Manchester United are better than Inter Milan, :) (2012)

What are the three famous Italy soccer teams?

Juventus FC Inter Milan AC Milan

Who won in the game inter Milan vs fc Barcelona?

In the Champions League first leg it was Inter Milan 3 - Barcelona 1.

Where did adriano play before inter milan?

He Played for Parma FC

What group did tottenham get into for the Champions League?

Group A with Inter Milan, Werder Bremen, FC Twente

Who has played for 5 European cup winning clubs?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, FC Barcelona, and AC Milan. All 5 of these clubs have won a European Cup before in their history. Most Recent out of the 3 being FC Barcelona (2011), Inter Milan (2010), and AC Milan (2007)

The final score with fc Barcelona vs inter milan?

5-0 to Barcelona !! GO BARCELONA

Who are the riches soccer clubs in the world?

1.Man city. 2.chelsea. 3.Real Madrid 4.inter milan 5.Barcelona fc 6.a.c milan 7.liverpool fc

Who is the most successful soccer coach?

Jose Mourinho "The Special One"- FC Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan

Best football club ever?

NO!-THIS IS IT- Top Clubs 1. Manchester United FC 2. Barcelona FC 3. Liverpool FC 4. Chelsea FC 5. Real Madrid 6. AC Milan 7. Juventus 8. Arsenal 9. Inter Milan 10. Bayern Munich # Manchester United # F.C. Barcelona # A.C Milan # Arsenal # Chelsea # Liverpool # Inter # Real Madrid # A.S. Roma # Celtic FC # FC Porto # Fenerbahce SK # Lyon # Bayern Munich # Rangers FC # Ajax # PSV # SL Benfica # Newcastle United # LA Galaxy # Plymouth

When was Inter Lions FC created?

Inter Lions FC was created in 1983.