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At the moment, Manchester United are better than Inter Milan, :)


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Q: Is Inter Milan better than Manchester United FC?
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Is sneidjer going to Manchester United?

No the Dutch footballer will stay at Inter Milan.

Did Ronaldo play on Inter Milan?

No, he played on Sporting C.P, Manchester United F.C. and Real Madrid C.F. but not on Inter F.C.or A.C. Milan.

Top ten richest club?

The top richest clubs are , not in order. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, A.C. Milan, Inter Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Manchester City.

Who is better Manchester united or AC milan?

Obviosly manchester united but it is a close decion

Richest club in football manager 2009?

Manchester City, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Inter Milan.

Played in the manchestermilan and Liverpool derby?

Paul Ince for Manchester United, Inter Milan and Liverpool

Whoo scored for Manchester united against inter Milan in the champions league last night?

The two goals scored last night in the champion league by Manchester United were by Vidic in the 4th minute and Chrristiano Ronaldo in the 49th minute verses Inter Milan.

Which players have played for Manchester united and inter milan?

Paul Ince & Mikael Silvestre spring to mind

Which are some of the famous football clubs?

Real Madrid. AC Milan. Manchester united. Barcelona. Arsenal. Juventus. Liverpool. Inter Milan.

What are the most popular football teams?

In England Manchester united and arsenal, in Spain Barcelona and REAL Madrid, IN iTALY a.C. Milan AND iNTER Milan.

World 5 best football club 2009?

Barcelona, Manchester United, Inter Milan,Bordeaux Wolfsberg.

What players have played for both Manchester united and inter milan?

Paul Ince Mikael Silvestre

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