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Depends what you enjoy more.

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Q: Which is better fencing or archery?
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A game that doesn't use a ball?

Badminton, Fencing, Archery

What sports did people play in castles?

Probably a lot of hide and seek. Also archery and fencing.

What was the sport that people played 100 years before at the Olympics?

Triathalon,decatholon,running,fencing and archery

A summer olympic event?

There are several events that are played in the summer Olympics. A few of the events are fencing, cricket, archery, and gymnastics.

Is Sabre fencing better than foil?

of course!

Is Sabre fencing better than eppe?


What did ancient India have for entertainment?

They did sports such as... hunting, boating, swimming, archery, martial arts, horse riding, wrestling, fishing, fencing, and snakes and ladders.

Besides the Skeet and Archery emblems in Mario and sonic at the olympic games what are the two next to the fencing emblem. If the those are skeet and archery what about next to the dreamchamp emblem?

after the dreamchamp emblem is the full play emblem received for playing all events

Name seven martial arts found in the Summer Olympics?

Pistol, archery, horseback riding, fencing, boxing, judo and taekwondo are martial arts in the Olympics.

Why was archery created?

because it is a challenge better than a rifle

What is a better known name for toxophily?

the love of archery by sacksy

Is vinyl fencing better than wood fencing?

If you want privacy then wooden fencing is a great option but if you are preferring the longevity of fencing then go with a Vinyl Fence (Morgan's Fence & Awning ) referring you to this site, take a look.

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