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of course!

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Q: Is Sabre fencing better than foil?
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What is the name of a Fencing sword?

A foil, an epee, or a Sabre (there is more than one type of fencing sword.

Is Sabre fencing better than eppe?


What are the differences between the equipment used in fencing?

if you mean swords alot there are three swords of moddern fencing. FOIL SABRE EPEE Foil is a stabbing weapon that the target is the torso it was used as a training weapon for epee in the 18 hundreds. Sabre is a cuting weapon that the target is the waist up. it is the only cutting weapon in fencing today Sabre is faster weapon than foil and epee and is more attacking than defending. Epee is a stabbing weapon that the target is all of the body.epee has no right of way so who ever hits first gets the point.

What is the weight of a foil in fencing?

about 3 lbs.

How is Laertes Hamlet's FOIL?

Laertes is, in a way, doubly Hamlet's foil since he not only kills Hamlet (can't get more foil-ish than that!), but he does so with a foil - a fencing sword - pun intended or not.

What equipment does the sport fencing reqiure?

The sport of fencing requires quite a lot of equipment, actually. If you are simply a beginner fencer, you shouldn't need more than what fencers call "dry" equipment, meaning, a jacket, mask, glove, and weapon. None of these need be conductive, as you should not be fencing while hooked up to a scoring machine just yet. Should you consider competitive fencing, you will need more. If you are fencing epee, all you will need is a cord and an epee that can be hooked up to this cord. If you are fencing foil, you will need a foil vest and a cord, both of which must be conductive. Your foil must also be able to connect with your cord. If you are fencing sabre, you will need the most equipment. Your mask must be conductive. You must have a conductive lame, a conductive cuff, (it goes around your wrist) a blade that can connect to the body cord that you will need, and a mask cord that will connect your mask to your sabre. It is also highly recommended that, if you are fencing competitively, you will need at least two weapons, especially in epee, where they can break quite easily. Another suggested tip is that you learn how to fix your own equipment when it breaks. (believe me, it will)

What is the difference between an epee fencing sword and a foil fencing sword?

An epee will typically have a broader, deeper bell guard around the grip than a foil, which has a much smaller guard. When fencing with an electric weapon, the epee's tip requires a simple depression to activate the scoring light, whereas the foil's tip must depress when in contact with an opponent's lame.

In fencing is foil the heavier weapon?

No, the Foil is the lightest of the three weapons. The Epee and Saber are heavier then the Foil, the Epee typically being heavier than the saber, as its guard and blade or both much more substantial than its counterparts.

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Is vinyl fencing better than wood fencing?

If you want privacy then wooden fencing is a great option but if you are preferring the longevity of fencing then go with a Vinyl Fence (Morgan's Fence & Awning ) referring you to this site, take a look.

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