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Any standard whistle used by referees in any other sport will work.

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Q: Which hockey whistles should you use to referee?
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How would you use maverick in a sentence?

The soccer referee should be a maverick.

What signal would a referee use to signal a direct soccer kick?

The referee should hold their arm at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the kick and then lower it.

What places sell silent dog whistles?

Dog whistles inflict pain upon the dog with their high frequency noise. The use of dog whistles in dog training is cruel and archaic.

How do you use referee in a sentence?

The referee called an end to the game due to rain.

What tools do dolphin trainers use?

high pitch whistles

What kind of whistles do NFL officials use?

Fox 40

What are the qualities of a good officials or referee in basketball?

A good quality of a basketball referee is to read the play, if a player gets a small foul but does not fumble the ball a good referee will not call the foul. Another good quality a referee has to have is good communication skills, a referee should use his voice more than his wistle to keep the game flowing

What tape should you use to tape your field hockey stick?

Use cloth tape to tape your field hockey stick. See related links, below, for more information on caring for your field hockey stick.

How do you use the word referee in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.He is going to referee the ball game.The referee blew his whistle for half time.They fought for half an hour with no referee.

Does a dolphin bark?

No, dolphins use a series of clicks and whistles to communicate

What did nhl referees use before whistles?

there own voices :O

What are facts about hockey?

hockey is a sport where you use a hockey stick and a ball.

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