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In 2011 Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese grand Prix and the German Grand Prix.

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Q: Which grand prix Lewis Hamilton has won this year?
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Who won the grand prix this year in Belgium 2010?

Lewis Hamilton.

Where did Lewis hamilton win his first grand prix this year?

In 2012, he won his first race at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Which British Formula 1 driver won Monaco Grand Prix this year?

Lewis Hamilton

What did Lewis hamilton eat for breakfast the day before the Brazilian grand prix last year?

A Big Bowl Of Spagetti, With Waffles On The Side!

Where did Lewis Hamilton win his first grand prix?

Lewis Hamilton made his debut in the 2007 Formula one racing season as a member of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team alongside double world champion Fernando Alonso. Lewis's first win came in the Canadian Grand Prix where he lead from Pole position after qualifying to win the race. Apart from this he also won the United States GP, Hungarian GP and the Japanese GP that year.

Who won the Singapore grand prix in 2009?

Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) took his 2nd win of the year, with Timo Glock (Toyota) second, 2008 winner Fernando Alonso (Renault) 3rd.

Who is the 2008 Grand Prix World Champion?

Lewis hamilton became the F1 world champion at the end of the Brazilian grand prix in the year 2008. The championship fight was very close and both Massa and Lewis were close contenders for the title. During the last round of the F1 2008 event, hamilton finished fifth with the exact number of points required to win the title and won the title beating Massa by a difference of one point.

What year was Lewis Hamilton born in?

Lewis Hamilton was born in the year: 1985 in January in Stevenage (UK)

What year was Lewis Hamilton born?

Lewis Hamilton was born in the year: 1985 in January in Stevenage (UK)

What date is silverstone grand prix 2009?

The formula 1 British Grand Prix of 2009 will be held in Silvestone, England between June 19th and 21st 2009. The circuit is 5.14 Kms in length and there would be a total of 60 laps. Last year (2008) Lewis Hamilton from the McLaren Mercedes Team won the race.

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