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You should get a lift kit. A lift kit makes it so that your gold cart does not ride so low. If you plan to transport the cart you will need ramps or other towing rigs to load it on to another vehicle. A Golf cart cover will protect the vehicle in inclemate weather. It is also recommended you buy a windshield to protect the riders from debris and balls.

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Q: Which golf cart accessories are most recommended?
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How much do golf carts cost?

I have recently bought 2 golf carts and the first golf cart was $2000 although are much nicer golf cart was $3200 An average golf cart is between $2500 and $5000 It usually depends on where you live and if it is used or new (The most expensive golf cart also came with it for free!)

can i get a red golf cart for under $100.00?

can i get a gulf cart for under 100.00 Simply, you can not get a red golf cart for uner $100. Most carts range from $300-$2000+.

What are the top rated golf cart bags?

Cart bags are reduced and ready to convey a greater number of components than normal packs. Also, it facilitates your portability in the fairway on your golf truck. To assist you with picking the best truck sack from a wide scope of items in the market and Amazon here we have shared our specialists' decision on golf truck packs and rattled off the best 10 for you.10 Best Golf Cart Bag In 20201. TaylorMade Golf Select Cart Bag2. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag3. OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Golf Cart Bag4. Wilson NFL Golf Cart Bag5. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag6. Callaway Golf Capital Cart Bag7. Hot-Z Golf US Military Active Duty Bag8. Izzo Golf Gemini Cart Golf Bag9. Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag10. PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

What are some commonly used golf gadgets?

There are many commonly used gadgets in the game of golf. Some of the most commonly used gadgets in golf include a golf cart, golf bag, various golf clubs, and golf balls.

What will cause gas and oil in my Yamaha golf cart?

There are a couple of reasons for gas in the oil of a Yamaha golf cart. Most likely, it is a stuck float in the carburetor. It could also be caused by a tear in a fuel pump diaphragm.

Are golf cart batteries able to be recycled?

Because most golf cart batteries contain lead, they need to be recycled properly. Your local transfer station or recycling center should have sufficient information on how best to turn in these products.

Is there an age limit on driving a golf cart on city streets?

In most states, the minimum age to operate a golf cart is 13. Golf carts may only be driven on streets that are designated for them. They can also be operated on public roads in order to cross over to the other side of a golf course. If that is the case, there will be a designated crossover area.

What age can you drive a golf cart in tn?

you need to have a drivers id i guess if you have your own cart it doesn't matter but for the most part that's all i know

In which states is it legal to drive a golf cart on the road?

golf carts are legal in most states but not the hill billy state of gorgia I believe the state is spelled "Georgia"

Can you cross a public street on a golf cart?

The laws vary in different states and counties. Most of the time if the golf course crosses a street you are allowed to cross that street. In some cities, you can license golf carts for street use.

What is the most recommended golf bag in terms of endurance?

Callaway brand bags are some of the most durable available.

Where can one buy a VW Golf Mk1?

There are a few sites where you can buy VW Golf Mk1. One of the most popular sites is Ebay where you can basically buy everything. VWGOLFMK1 has a website that one can visit also to buy a golf cart.

Where are Kawasaki?

Kawasaki is a company that specializes in engines, they are most famous for motorbikes, but have been known to make golf cart type vehicles.

Ezgo golf cart will move with the ignition off?

Most likely the ignition switch is shorted placing it in an on position at all times.

How far should a golf cart go on one charge?

Most are designed to last for one round on an 18-hole golf course, but not much more. Of course, it depends on how long the course is - and how hilly!

Can you refill golf cart battery?

Most are made to be refilled, use distilled water as tap water contains minerals with will damage the battery.

What type of oil does and ez-go 2 cycle golf cart use?

The EZ-Go 2 cycle golf cart uses 2 cycle oil. The brand of the oil does not really matter. Two cycle oil can be purchased in half pints, pints, quarts or gallons at most automotive parts stores.

Is bowling active for you?

It isn't the most active sport out there by any means. It does take skill to do well at it. I would equate it to golf using a cart and not walking.

What causes a driver's shaft to be broken in golf?

Hitting the head against the ground, throwing the club, or backing over it with a golf cart are all ways you can break a shaft...but hitting the ground with the head on your swing is the most popular way.

Choosing a Golf Cart Cover?

For the most part, buying a golf cart cover is not too challenging. These covers are absolutely necessary for various reasons though. Anyone who owns such a cart should do what they can to protect their vehicle from any type of damage. An individual can find these products at sporting goods and specialty shops. With that in mind, covers are easy to find and fairly simple to choose. The fact of the matter is that such covers are similar to other ones for vehicles. Plenty of benefits are associated with keeping golf carts covered when not in use. For starters, the vehicle is less susceptible to weather or wind damage. Plus, a cover offers some protection against damage from debris or other objects that might hit a cart for whatever reason. Too much sunlight causes paint to chip, so a cover can protect against that situation too. There are a limitless number of uses for golf cart covers, and thousands of people own these small vehicles. Therefore, a person should protect their property at all times. Such covers are sold at stores around the country. Of course, that includes most sporting goods locations and businesses that sell golf equipment. Finding the right cover is not a troublesome affair, but a person must keep certain specifics in mind. Without a doubt, the best golf cart covers offer protection from all potential problems. For that reason, an individual must purchase an option that is made with high quality fabric that will not rip, tear, or allow water to permeate through itself. Anything less will prove useless for a cart owner. Fortunately, the average golf cart owner also owns a cover for their vehicle. The fact of the matter is that these fabric covers are cheap and easy to work with. An average unit will protect a costly golf cart from most types of harm. Undoubtedly, an owner must use this cover whenever their vehicle is not in use for the best results. Obviously, a cover is useless when sitting in a corner in a heap. Most people will more than likely see their cover providing needed golf cart protection on a regular basis.

What is the best way to get more information on golf cart parts?

"Parts for your gold cart are available at most dealers and online. Information can be found at the dealer, on the manufacturers website and most parts clearinhouses." You can always utilize the "contact us" link on websites like and ask them any questions you may have.

Where is the governor on an electric golf cart?

There are no governors on electric golf carts. What you can do is tear off the front cover, which is almost the hood of the cart, if you will. After you have torn it off, you will see a hinge that you will need to take a welding gun or an Allen wrench to,depending on what brand car you have. Then you need to disconnect the hinge. After you have done this, it's best to floor the cart on a downhill to make sure it goes fast. Then at the very bottom of the hill where momentum is the greatest, slam on your brake to make sure the hinge is totally broken. You will most likely burn some rubber, but you'll be fine. ****DO NOT DO THAT***** Actually a lot of electric golf carts have programmable motor controllers that can be re-programmed to increase or decrease the speed. Look under your cart.....near the motor, there should be 3 cables running from the motor to the controller if your cart has one. Write down the model....then go to the buggies unlimited golf cart forum where they will give you free advice!

Why stub golf shoes is not allowed?

If you are referring to stud types, then metal spikes are not allowed at most clubs, soft spikes are recommended.

Weight of an electric golf cart?

I have a blog that can show you electric golf carts maybe you will find what are looking for here (I ) new Powakaddy Freeway 2 weighs 9kg without battery, 11.5kg with the lithium battery and 19kg with the lead acid battery.Most electric golf cars will weigh between 850 to 950 pounds with the batteries.On average an electric cart w/o batteries will weigh between 600 - 700 lbs.

What are the basic necessities of golf?

You'll need golf clubs, golf balls, tees, and a golf bag to put all of these in. Gloves and a hat are recommended. You'll need to focus on your swing and your short game (putting). You can practice your swing at a driving range and most golf courses have an area to practice putting (if not, mini putt is better than nothing).