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Most likely the ignition switch is shorted placing it in an on position at all times.

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Q: Ezgo golf cart will move with the ignition off?
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If your ball lands next to the golf cart sign do you move the ball or the sign?

Move the sign.

What is a way to move that starts with g?

You can move using a glider, golf cart or a gondola. They begin with G.

What is the rule when the golf ball lands in a cart?

You mark where the ball would lie if it was on the ground, lift it, move the cart and then drop the ball as close to where it would be as if it was on the ground. This is a free drop.

Rolling Utility Cart?

form_title= Rolling Utility Cart form_header=Move supplies easily with a rolling utility cart! On what services, will you be rolling the utility cart?* = _ When do you need the utility cart?* = _

What is the advantage of an electric golf cart vs. one that is gas-powered?

Electric golf carts are quieter than the gas powered carts. They also put out less pollutants into the air. They do not move as fast, which is good in areas where there are many pedestrians and safety is a top issue.

Cart is rolling down a special ramp where there is no friction at all What will happen if the amount of mass on the cart is increased?

The cart will move at a constant velocity.

What if The force of friction acting on a cart on a ramp is exactly balanced by the force of gravity acting on the cart down the ramp?

The cart stays where it is and doesn't move.

What would happen if a person was on a skateboard and that person pulled a cart by a cord?

It depends on the frictional forces and the masses. If the frictional forces were the same and the masses were equal, then the cart and the person on the skateboard would both move towards each other. If the mass of the cart were much bigger then the cart would move much less with the skateboarder moving most of the distance, if the cart were very light, then the skateboarder would move very little and the cart would move most of the distance. A higher frictional force in either of the two and the movement would be less for that system.

Can you move the golf ball if it lands on the golf cart path?

You will need to check local rules, it varies from course to course. Usually you will get a free drop. To do so, you find the nearest point of relief, which is where you have a stance and swing not obstructed by the path, then you have one club length from this point. Obviously no nearer the hole.

Who is responsible for damage from a golf ball?

The person that made the golf ball move, whether from a golf club or throwing it.

How do do you move in a mine-cart on Minecraft?

To move in a mine-cart, you have to have to have it moving before you get in. If you get in without it moving, you cannot get it to move without a booster rail and a button. The best way to move in a minecart is to push the minecart in front of you then jump in just before it goes down a hill.

How do you golf balls get around?

It is a base The golf balls don't move if you get it to the hole

What should you do if you are on the green and there is a leaf in the way of your golf putt?

move move the leaf

Do horses pull carraiges or push from the front?

A horse obviously cannot grasp a towing conveyance, so in order to move an object it needs the assistance of a horse harness. In the case of the harness, the horse pushes forward to move the cart, however basic physics define this as pulling the cart. Yes, the horse is pushing forward, but it is pushing the harness, NOT the cart. The cart is being PULLED by the harness with the horse providing the energy to move the cart. Some mistakenly believe this means the horse pushes the cart, but they are mistaken. With the weight of the cart (mass) being moved forward (force) from behind the energy source (horse), by definition the cart is being PULLED, regardless of the horse's type of energy exerted on the connecting harness.

What is the net force if you push a cart to the right with N of force and a friend pushes the cart to the left with N of force?

If the forces are both the same but opposite directions, the net force is zero and the cart will not move

Is there a point at which a concession cart is simply just too large to be towable?

Yes there is definately a point at which a concession cart is too large to tow. It is not very efficient to tow a cart that is too heavy to move.

What happens if you put the box on a cart that has wheels?

The box is easier to move.

What makes a go cart move?

Say Ready... Steady... GO!

If you push a 12.3kg cart with the force of 10.1N how far does the cart move in 2.50s if it starts at zero?

lol... pay attention in class next time

How does increasing the mass of the cart change its acceleration if the force is constant?

The cart's acceleration will decrease as its mass increases. This is why you must exert progressively more force on a shopping cart to move it along as items are added to it. If you were to continue to add items to the cart but not change how hard you push it, the cart would eventually become "impossible" to push.

Can you move a stick out of the way of your golf ball?

Yes, you can move a stick out of your way as long as you don't move the ball.

How do you move a car without starting the ignition?

Push it

How do you move a heavy fax machine down a flite of stairs?

Strap it to a dolly or cart and move it slowly step by step.

How many people does it take to move a refrigerator?

I can move one all by myself if I have a four-wheeled cart, or a hand truck.

Would a garden cart be suitable?

Speak with your doctor before you purchase a garden cart to help you move around your property. Your doctor may have better suggestions.