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Baseball. There is no clock. It can essentially last forever.

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Q: Which game takes longer a soccer game or baseball?
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Who runs more in a game baseball or soccer players?

Soccer players

How many innings does soccer have?

You are confusing baseball with soccer. The duration of baseball game is measured in innings. A soccer games is measured in minutes.

Did baseball come before soccer?

No. The roots of soccer are very old. Baseball came after cricket, which is a fairly similar game.

What is national game of japan?

As I am Japanese, it is baseball and soccer, for your information!

How Many Days Do Game Editors Work?

It all depends on the game that they are editing. The longer it takes to edit the game, the longer they will work.

How do you play a soccer football?

Soccer, football, basketball and baseball is involved all in one game in Australia called Footy. Very fun game.

Is soccer older then baseball?

Soccer/football - The earliest reference to this sort of game is Chinese manuscript placing it about 200 BC. Baseball/Rounders -The earliest reference to this sort of game is a French manuscript of 1344 AD.

What sport is harder soccer baseball or lacrosse?

Baseball is boring as it is. its pretty easy to play. Soccer is extremely hard and takes time to learn. But lacrosse is the most physical game in the us. It was used by indians to prepare men for war. based on the facts lacrosse is definitely harder than base ball but is a tiny bit harder than soccer.

How long does a soccer game take?

It depends, if theres a tie the game is longer than it should be Thanks; say it does not become a tie, what is the original game length.

What is the correct punctuation for Sam a baseball game as a general rule lasts longer than a basketball game he patiently explained?

"Sam, a baseball game, as a general rule, lasts longer than a basketball game" he patiently explained

How long does a new game take to load on action replay?

It matters what game. The more codes, the longer it takes.

Can you keep a soccer ball in a professional soccer game?

if a soccer ball is hit out of the field of play, it cannot be kept by fans in the stadium. the ball has to be returned to play, unlike baseball.

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