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Soccer, football, Basketball and Baseball is involved all in one game in Australia called Footy. Very fun game.

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Q: How do you play a soccer football?
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Related questions

What does a middle field player in soccer do?

Play football Play football

Do they play soccer?

yes, the majority of the worlds nations play football or soccer

Does China play soccer?

No they play football

Can you be a football kicker if you play soccer?

kicking a soccer ball and football are very different but you can but it is rare.

Do they play football in haiti?

yes but they call soccer football so technically they are playing soccer

What sport do soccer players play?

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

How does someone play soccer football?

Technically speaking, football is soccer. In Austalia they have a sport called football, and that's why the original football is called soccer (confusing lol). But in most countries, soccer is football.

How many soccer players in a football team?

There are 11 soccer players in a football (English name for 'soccer') team. However, there are 0 soccer players in an American football team, unless they play soccer as well as American football!

What countries play football or soccer?

The United States plays both American style football and soccer.

Who is the Denmark football team?

Denmark doesn't play American football, but they do play soccer.

How is football different from the US in Mexico?

It is completely different: we play football; they play soccer.

Who inspired Alan Shearer to play football?

It was his father who encouraged him to play football (soccer).

What sports does Tunisia play?

They play football (soccer).

They play football in Jamaica?

Yes, in Jamaica they play football (soccer). It is likely that some Jamaicans even play American football.

How do you need to play football?

what kind of football soccer or something

Who playes soccer?

awsome people play soccer/football that's who

What soccer players play for Slovakia?

It's not soccer its football... skrtel..

Does Gerard Pique play soccer or football?

Gerard Pique plays Association football, which is also known as soccer.

Can you wear soccer cleats as football cleats?

You can wear soccer cleats to play american football but it is less than ideal. Soccer cleats do not have a stud on the toe of the cleat like football cleats do. This make it much easier to run, cut and dig into the grass. Most football cleats are also higher and more supportive than soccer cleats. Although if you are a field goal kicker/ punter or kicker in American Football - they all wear soccer cleats. Basically you CAN wear soccer cleats to play American football but you CAN NOT wear American Football cleats to play Soccer.

How do you say 'to play soccer' in French?

To play soccer is "jouer au foot / au football" in French.

How do you play Italian soccer?

The same as you play english football

What sports do they play in Naples Italy?

They play soccer (football)

Does a south African play basketball?

no they play soccer(Football)

What kinds of sports do they play in Chad?

They play football and soccer.

What kind of sports do Hungarians play?

Well, Hungarians play a variety of games such as soccer and football. They play soccer in the cold months and play football in the warm summers of Hungary. Racing and swimming are also popular.