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sylvain distin

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Q: Which foreign player has made the most appearances in premier league by?
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What player holds the record for most English premier league appearances?

the premier league started in 1991. However before that it was called the English championship. the player who has the most English premier league appearances is Welsh and Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs.

Who is the youngest player to reach 300 premier league appearances?

Kolo Toure

Who was the First foreign player in the premier league?

Gary neville!

Which soccer player has the most appearances in the English Premier League?

Ryan Giggs with over 900 appearances for Manchester United.

Which foreign player has played for the most premier league clubs?


Who holds the record for most premiership appearances by a foreign player?

The player that currently holds the most premier l;eague appearances for a foreign player is Mark Schwarzer at 466. closely followed by his Middlesbrough teamate: George Boateng

Who was the first foreign player to score 100 goals in the premier league?


Which player holds the record for most premiership appearances?

The player with the most Premier League appearances is David James of Portsmouth. He currently has 537 dating from 1992 to 21.2.2009.

Which foreign player has played for three English premier league clubs?

Is it Garry Speed of Ireland.

Who holds the record for the longest serving foreign player in the English premier league?

brad freidel

First foreign player to score a hattrick in the premier league?

Eric Cantona who was also first ever player to score hattrick

Who is the oldest player to play in the English Premier League?

ryan giggs is the oldest player in the premier league

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