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Marco branco

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Q: Which footballer was top scorer at the Olympics in 1996 and has scored for five separate teams in the Champions League?
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What footballer has won the premier league scottish league spanish league champions league?

It is the Swedish player Henrik Larson.

Which footballer has played in the champions leagueuefa cuppremiershipchampionshipleague 1 and league 2?

Steve finnan

Which footballer has won the premiership champions league and been relegated from the premier league playing for different clubs?


What footballer lost Champions League FA Cup and League Cup Finals with three different teams?

david ginola

Which footballer has played in all 5 divisions in England and won the champions league?

nathen ardle

Who is the only African footballer to win the European champions league medal twice?

Samuel Eto'o

Who was the last African footballer to score in the champions league final?

Samuel Eto'o against Manchester united

Who was the first English footballer to score a hatrick in European champions league?

It was Mike Newell of Blackburn Rovers.

Players who have won champions league with more than 1 club?

The only footballer to win two Champion League medals with two diffrent clubs is the French footballer Marseille Desailly.

Why does UEFA separate fans for Champions League matches?

The UEFA separate fans of the Champions League matches because of the passions involved in such matches. The separation helps the security team to manage the security of the matches.

Which footballer has won the English Premiership Scottish premiership UEFA Champions league and the UEFA Cup?

Andre kanchelskis

What premier league footballer has won the the premiership fa cup champions league uefa cup and been relegated from the premier league and has won olympic gold?


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