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It is Theirry Henry , with France, Arsenal and Barcelona.

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Q: Which player has won the world cup la liga English fa cup premiership and world club championship?
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Which player has won the premiership world cup champions league french championship spanish championship?

claude makelele

Which premiership player has won an fa cup winners medal a premiership winners medal a world cup winners medal a European championship winners medal?

Thierry Henry

Which current English premiership player has a world cup winners medal?

Juliano Belletti

What player has won the world cup champions league euro champions league and English premiership?

Claude Makalele

Has a player won English premiership medal champions league medal and World Cup medal in one year?

The only player could be sir Bobby Charlton.

What premiership player has won the world cup?

William gallas

Which current premiership player has won a world cup medal?


Which footballers have played in the world cup final and in the English Premiership but not for the big four?


Which player has won the champions league world cup fa cup and premiership?

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Which player in premiership has won the world cup?

Belletti (Chelsea) with Brazil 2002

Indian player who won chess world championship in 2002?

The last Indian Player to win the FIDE World Championship was Viswanathan Anand in 2000.

What player played in world cup 1990 and currently in premiership?

It could be Edwin Vandersar.