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blackburn rovers

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Q: Which football team won the premiership in 1995 in England?
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What football team in premiership has the most fans in England?


Does Katie price like football?

She doesn't support a team in the Premiership but she supports England

Which team is the most popular football team premiership?

Manchester United have the largest fanbase in England and the world therefore being the most popular.

Which Welsh football team plays in premiership?


What is schalke 04?

A German Premiership football team from Gelsenkirchen.

Which football team came second in the premiership 2009?


What team isTop of the football premiership table?

Today it is Chelsea.

What Football Team Has The Most Premiership Titles?

Manchester United has won the most Premiership titles, with twelve.

Oldest team to play in the premiership?

Stoke City are the oldest football team to play in the English Premiership, having been established in 1863.

Is there a team that has gone from the or below the conference to the premiership in the English Football League?


What tottenham hotspur?

Tottenham Hotspur is an English Premiership football team.

Is Manchester United the best football team in the premiership?

No, Chelsea is the best team right now.

Which football team is the best in the premiership?

The one with the most points at the end of the season

Which English football team that is not in the premiership has won the most league titles?


Who was the last team to win the football league before the premiership?

Leeds United

What premiership football team does Barack Obama support?

West Ham United.

What is the favorite NFL football team in England?

the favorite nfl football team in England is the Bangals

When was England national football team created?

England national football team was created in 1872.

What is the only English premiership team with a j in it?

currently there isn't a premiership team name that has a J in it...

Do you have to be English to play for England football team?

yes you do or have an English passport to play for England football team

What league does London Irish rugby team play in?

Aviva Premiership. England

What team won the Dutch football league in 1995?

The team that won the Dutch football league in 1995 was Ajax.

What team was crowned the French football champions in 1995?

The team that was crowned the French football champions in 1995 is Nantes.

Are the patriots a football team or a hockey team?

football team, they are the new England Patriots

Which premiership football team plays at the hawthorns stadium?

West Brom play at the Hawthorns