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Q: What football team in premiership has the most fans in England?
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What football team in England has the most fans?


Who has most fans in premiership?

west ham

What football club has the most fans worldwide?

no one knows but international it is England

Which premiership football player has played for the most premiership teams?

Andrew cole

Which team is the most popular football team premiership?

Manchester United have the largest fanbase in England and the world therefore being the most popular.

What Football Team Has The Most Premiership Titles?

Manchester United has won the most Premiership titles, with twelve.

Who has the most Premiership football hatricks?

christano ronaldo

Who is the most handsome player in the premiership?

the most handsome football player in the premiership is christiano ronaldo!of course.who else could be????????????????????????????????

Who won the most premiership football matches?

manchester united!

Which football player has won most premiership titles?

Ryan Giggs have won 11 Premiership titles with Manchester United.

Which football team is the best in the premiership?

The one with the most points at the end of the season

Which English football team that is not in the premiership has won the most league titles?


What is the most northern premiership football ground?

st james' park newcastle

Which college football team has the most fans?

That is debatable. Michigan has had the most fans in a stadium in a game, and there are fans growing everyday.

Who premier club plays the most attractive football?

Arsenal is the team in the premiership who play the most attractive football, and are well known for it.

Who has made the most premiership appearances but never played for England?

Kevin Davies

What football team scored the most goals in one season in the premiership?

The most goals scored in a Premiership season is 97, set by Manchester United in 1999/2000.

Who has the most dedicated football fans?

Poland and Scotland.

Which football team has the most fans in Greece?


Which football club has the biggest fans in the world?

Manchester united has the most fans in the world !!!

Where do most Chelsea FC fans live?


Which soccer team has the most fans in England?


Who has the most fans?

cristiano ronaldo (football player) real madrid (football club)

In a premiership game of football when are most goals scored?

Most goals are scored in the last 20 minutes in a E.P.L.

Why is football the most popular sport in England?

because people from England love football