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The five with the most losses (including the 2007 tournament) are: - Kentucky, 44 - North Carolina, 38 - Kansas, 35 - Louisville, 34 - UCLA, 33 Reference:

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Q: Which five schools have the most NCAA tournament losses in basketball history?
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Which coach has the most losses in ncaa mens basketball history?

Andy Wood. He was a coach out of Snowflake, Arizona.

How many wins and losses does Kentucky have in its basketball history?

As of 3/27/2010, Kentucky's won-loss record is 2,023-638.

Which team has the longest losing streak in South Dakota girls basketball history?

Veblen Cardinals 1993-1996? 68 losses in a row.

Which men's NCAA college basketball team has had most losses and won the NCAA championship?

What college basketball team has the most losses?

How long has it been since UConn women had two consecutive losses?

Well, if we wanna get technical, it was the final game of the 2006-07 season, a 73-50 loss to LSU on March 26 in the finals of the Fresno Regional of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament and the first game of the 2007-08 season, a 90-74 exhibition loss to the U.S. Women's National Team on November 2. In a single season, one has to go all the way back to the 1992-93 season to find two consecutive losses. They lost to Providence, 87-74, in the second round of the Big East Tournament on March 6 and lost to Louisville, 74-71, in the first round of the Mideast Regionals of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

What men's college basketball champion had the most losses?

The NCAA tournament men's basketball champion with the most number of losses in a season is: 1988 Kansas with 11 losses There is a two way tie for second with 10 losses: 1983 North Carolina State 1985 Villanova There is a two way tie for third at 9 losses: 1981 Indiana 1997 Arizona There is a five way tie for fourth at 7 losses: 1977 Marquette 1986 Louisville 1989 Michigan 1991 Duke 2000 Michigan St.

What team has the worst win loss record to win the ncaa basketball tournament?

In 1981, the Indiana Hoosiers had the most losses of any team to win the NCAA basketball national championship. The Hoosiers, coached by Bobby Knight and led by Sophomore, Isaiah Thomas, entered the March Madness field with 9 regular season losses. I.U. Went on to beat North Carolina in the final game. The victory was the 4th National Championship for the school and the 2nd under Coach Knight. Tessa, you idiot.

How many losses does kentuck basketball has?


How many losses does Syracuse basketball have this year?


Most NCAA wins?

In mens college basketball the University Of Kentucky has the most wins at 2,090 wins and 649 losses.In mens college basketball the University Of Kentucky has the most wins at 2,090 wins and 649 losses.

Who was basketball coach has the most NCAA career losses?


What NCAA basketball coach has the most losses?

Jim boheim

What Team has most losses in ncaa basketball championship game?


What team with most losses won NCAA basketball championship?

Kansas (11)

How many losses did Cy Young have?

Cy Young was credited with 316 losses in his career, the most losses for a pitcher in MLB history.

Which New York Yankees pitcher has the most losses in team history?

Mel Stottlemyre has the most losses in Yankees history with 139.

Who has the most wins in college basketball?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats have the most wins in college basketball. During their 110 seasons they have had 2,111 wins and 611 losses.

Who has the longest losing streak in boys high school basketball?

the burnsville boys basketball team with 18 losses in a row! they suck especially cole wilkie

How many wins does the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team has?

2101 wins and 812 losses.

What team has more ncaa basketball losses than anybody else?

the black one

What team has the most first round losses in NCAA men's basketball championship?


What is the Big East conference record in the NCAA Tournament?

Games=797 Wins=446 Losses=351 Winning Percentage=0.560

Which basketball team holds the record for most losses in one season?

Philadelphia, 9-73

What team has the most first round losses in the ncaa mens college basketball?

Indiana Hoosiers.

What is the top nfl losses in history?

It is the Detroit Lions with a combined 571 losses since the franchise started in 1930.