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2101 wins and 812 losses.

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Q: How many wins does the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team has?
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Who is the team doctor for the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team?

The Kansas Jayhawks have a couple of people in charge of basketball. The Head Team Physician for the university is Dr. Larry Magee. However, the men's basketball team also has Bill Cowgirl as support.

What has the author Max Falkenstien written?

Max Falkenstien has written: 'Max and the Jayhawks' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Kansas Jayhawks (Basketball team), Kansas Jayhawks (Football team), Sports, Sportscasters, University of Kansas

What is the official basketball team of Kansas?

The official basketball team of Kansas is the Kansas Jayhawks. They are based in the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. The mascot is a bird with a red head and a blue body.

What team is currently ranked number in men's college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

Which college basketball team has the most conference championships?

Kansas Jayhawks have 51 conference championships in basketball.

What are the major sports teams in Kansas?

University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team. The Kansas City teams are all on the Missouri side, so the Jayhawks are the closest thing to pro sports in Kansas.

What team in the 90's won the most NCAA basketball games?

kansas jayhawks

What college basketball team has the longest conference title winning streak?

University of Kansas Jayhawks

Men's basketball team roster for Kansas jayhawks in the early 1990's? can research any of the teams in the 1990's by changing the year range at the top of the page in the middle.

Have the Kansas Jayhawks ever beaten the 1 ranked team in basketball?

If you count UNC and Memphis in the Final Four in 2008.

Who were the assistant coaches for the Kansas Jayhawks 1988 basketball team?

gregg poppovich and r.c. buford gregg poppovich and r.c. buford

Best College basketball team of all-time 2008?

Kansas Jayhawks won the National Championship. Perhaps the best team of the decade, beating a stacked Memphis team in overtime.