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The foot of a pool table is the end where the balls are racked. Player breaks from the head.

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Q: Which end is the foot cushion on a pool table?
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What is the layout on a 6ft x 3ft pool table?

There is no layout on a pool table except the location of the foot spot. This is located in the same location regardless of table size. It is located at the intersection of the centerline of the table and the second diamond from the foot end.

Can I see a drawing of the marks on a pool table cloth so that I can create my own?

There are no marks on a pool table cloth that need to be reproduced. The only mark on a pool table cloth is the foot spot. You can locate the foot spot by taping 2 long strings to the rails of the table. The first string needs to go the length of the table, from center diamond to center diamond. The second string needs to go at the end the balls will be racked from, from the second diamond from the end to the same one on the opposing side. Wher ethese intersect you place the foot spot.

Where the dot on pool table is placed?

The dot is halfway between the second set of diamonds (from the end) on the long sides of the table. The "dot", or "spot" as it is more commonly called, goes on the imaginary "foot string", and is where the balls are typically racked. You can see a diagram explaining this in the Related links section, below.

What is the extra bit of cloth for on the end of a pool table?

There should not be extra cloth at the end of a pool table. The table needs repair if there appears to be extra cloth.

Where is the spot on a pool table located?

This is referred to as the foot spot. This is located at the intersection of the table centerline and the second diamond from the rack end. Tape two strings between these points to accurately place the spot.

What do you think of the CL Bailey pool table?

CL Bailey began making pool tables in early 1990's, making low end home pool tables from 7 to 9 foot. The company has had problems since the beginning and the customer record shows them as unresponsive because of internal company problems. There is no record of this being a quality table to date, but definitely a good low end table for home use for the price.

How many mushrooms on a bar billiard table?

There are no mushrooms on a billiard or pool table. A bumper pool table has mushrooms, although these are rarely found in bars today. The typical bumper pool table has 8 center mushrooms and 2 at each end.

Where can you buy a pool table for 150 dollars?

Yard sales. The best deals for pool tables can be found at yard sales and garage sales. It is possible to get a good 9 foot table for under $500 if you are patient and look regularly. For the price to be as low as $150 the table most likely will need work. In addition, expect to have to at least re-surface the table, which you can do yourself for under $75 for a low end table.

How many gallons are in a 12 foot x 20 foot rectangular pool - 5 foot in deep end 3 foot in shallow end?

I think you would also need the distance where the slope up to the shallow end starts.

How much is a second hand pool table?

The end consumer is the only real buyer of a second hand pool table. Roughly 50% of the original cost of a good pool table is dealer mark-up (including set-up). A pool table supplier may purchase a used pool table for a very low cost, but their only reason for doing so is to get the slate because they have a table with damaged slate. The best way to sell a used table is internet or local classified ads.

What is the Average price of a 1 inch slate 8 foot pool table?

The value is about $100, regardless of size, if it is in excellent condition. There is no resale value to the general public, because slate doesn't go bad. The only potential purchaser is a major retailer who may want the slate to be able to replace a set that was damaged in handling. The slate must be replaced as a set for multiple piece slate.

How do you retrieve pool chalk from inside pool table?

On a typical bar box table such as a Valley there is a clean-out door located at the end of the table but a key is needed to open it. If you can't reach the chalk you'll need to remove the 6 rails and the slate which then allows access to the inside of the table.