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n the entire History of F1, the point scoring system has changed. To date, the driver which gained the mst points in a single season is Sebastian Vettel with 392 Points in the 2011 Season of F1.

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Q: Which driver gained the most points ever in the World Championship?
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When did World Driver Championship happen?

World Driver Championship happened in 1999.

When was World Driver Championship created?

World Driver Championship was created on 1999-05-31.

Who was 1999 world championship driver?

Mikka Hakkinen

Who was the world champion formula 1 driver in 1956?

Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1956 F1 World Championship with 30 points, his third consecutive championship and fourth overall.He signed with Ferrari before the season after his previous team, Mercedes Benz pulled out of the championship.

Did stirling moss ever win world championship?

No, Moss is considered to be the greatest driver who never won the World Driving Championship.

Who won the 2006 f1 world championship?

In 2006 Fernando Alonso won the Driver's Championship for Renault, who consequently won the Constructor's Championship

Which F1 driver win the world championship in 1988 1990 and 1991?


What does wdc mean in f1 game profile history?

World Driver's Championship

When did stirling moss win the world championship?

Stirling Moss never won the World Driving Championship. He is generally considered to be the greatest F-1 driver who never won the championship.

Which rider currently leads motogp world championship standings?

Jorge Lorenzo who currently leads the 2012 MotoGP World Championship by 23 points

How many points did Lewis Hamilton score to win the Formula One World Championship in 2008?

98 points.

Who won 2009 formula 1?

Jenson Button won the Driver's World Championship for Brawn GP Brawn GP won the Constructer's World Championship

What racing driver won the world title but never won a race?

No driver has ever won the World Driving Championship without winning a race.

What is the difference between world championship and world cup?

Not sure about football but in mountain biking the world cup is a multiple race competition where points are awarded for each race and the competitor with the most points at the end is the winner. In contrast a world championship consists of a single race.

What is the highest score ever recorded in a world championship snooker frame?

86 points

Who is Lewis Hamilton and which country is he from?

Lewis Hamilton is a formula one world champion and driver. He won the championship in 2008. He is a British driver.

Who won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1978?

Mario Andretti won the driver's championship and Lotus-Ford {Cosworth} won the constructor's championship. Ronnie Peterson came second in the drivers championship.

Who won both the formula 1 and motorcyclye world championship?

John Surtees won both the 500cc World Championship (1956, 1958, 1959 and 1960) and the Formula One World Championship (1964). To date, he remains the only driver to win a World Championship on both rwo and four wheels.

What is the Australian driver currently competing for the World Championship?

Mark Webber, driving for Red Bull

How are the Moto GP standings determined?

The Moto GP standings are determined by how many points the riders receive in each race. For riders, the points which count towards their World Championship total will be those gained in each race. For Constructors, only the highest placed motorcycle of a Constructor will gain points, according to the position in the race.

Who won the 1999 Formula One World Championship?

Defending world champion Mika Hakkinen driving for McLaren Mercedes won his second world championship. He had a total of 76 points and 5 race wins. He beat his nearest rival Michael Schumacher by only 2 points. Schumacher had 74 points and 4 race wins that season. Ferrari beat McLaren Mercedes for the constructor championship by just 4 points.

Did Grahame Hill win the World Championship?

Yes, Graham Hill, british driver was a two-time F1 Championship winner in 1962 and 68

Which British driver first won the Formula One world championship?

Mike Hawthorn was the first British National to win a F1 Championship in 1958.

Who was the youngest ever driver to win the Formula One World Championship?

Lewis Hamilton (UK) won the 2008 Formula 1 world championship at age 23, the youngest in history.

How do you race in the NASCAR iracing championship?

Well when you first start Iracing you start witha rookie License. You need to work your way up the ranks of: Rookie, D, C, B, A, And finnaly pro! You do that by being a fast and clean driver. You need to come in the top 20 in points in the pro series then that qualifies you to race in the Nascar Iracing Driver World Championship!