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Individuals who were citizens of any of the over 2,000 Greek city-states were eligible.

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Q: Which coutries competed in ancient Olympics?
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Who competed in the Olympics in Ancient Greece?

they competed other greeks

Who were in the first Olympics?

Ancient Greeks competed in the first olympics.

What countries competed in the ancient Olympics?


What where the ancient Olimpics?

What WERE the ancient Olympics...ancient people competed in Physical activities

Which countries competed in the ancient greek olympics?


What did the Spartans do in the ancient Olympics?

Competed as did everyone else.

Was there an age minimum or maximum for men when they competed in the ancient Olympics?


What did athletes wear in ancient Greece Olympics?

They competed naked.

Which countries competed in the ancient olympics?

Ancient Olympics were only open to different greek regions.

How many people competed in ancient greek Olympics?

There were usually 130 people who competed each year.

What countries competed in the Olympics in ancient Greece?

People competed as individuals. The had to be citizens of a Greek city-state.

How many events competed in one afternoon in the ancient Olympics?


What countries competed in ancient Greek Olympics?

One country- Greece.

How many men competed in the Ancient Olympics?

Aggg ovease enfinety

How many countries competed in the ancient greek Olympics?

10 countries

Why did athletes in the ancient Olympics compete in full armour?

They didn't, they competed naked.

What did the ancient Greeks do for recreation?

The Greeks went to thetheatreswatched plays and competed in the Olympics.

Why did ancient Olympics mens competed naked?

To prove they weren't hiding anything with which to cheat.

Why were women not allowed to attend at the Ancient Olympics games?

Because the men competed in nude.

How many people competed in the javelin throw in ancient Greece's Olympics?

45 people:)

What was the very first game of the Olympics?

The first event competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade race, a foot race of approximately 192 meters. The first event competed at the Modern Olympics was the 100 meter dash.

How many coutries are in the Olympics?


How many athletes competed in the ancient Olympics?

I do not know about it... maybe you should google or try Wikipedia.

How come girls couldn't compete in the ancient Olympics?

cause boys competed naked galfriends!

Where was the first Olympics Lauren Mitchell competed in?

The first Olympics that Lauren Mitchell competed in was the 2008 Beijing Olympics.