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Q: How many people competed in the javelin throw in ancient Greece's Olympics?
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When did track and field become part of the Olympics?

Track and field has been a part of the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Games in 1896. The first event known to be competed at the Ancient Olympics was the stade run, a foot race of approximately 190 meters. So it could be said that track, or an ancient variation of track, has been competed at the Olympics since the first Ancient Olympics. History states that the pentathlon was included at the Games in 708 BC. This pentathlon consisted of discus, jumping, javelin, running, and wrestling. Discus and javelin are the first known 'field' events competed at the Olympics.

What equipment did the ancient Olympics use?

discus and the javelin discus and the javelin

Was javelin a sport in the ancient Olympics time?


When did javelin originate?

The sport of javelin originated at the ancient Olympics, but the sport came from a hunting technique

How old was the oldest athlete to compete in the Olympics?

the oldest athlete was 52, years of age he competed in javelin.

What equipments were used in the ancient Olympics?

Discus, javelin, chariots.

What track and field events were there in ancient Greek Olympics?

javelin , sprint.

What was the ancient Greece sports?

The ancient Greeks competed in chariot racing, wrestling, javelin throwing, discus throwing, and foot races.

What types of events were at the ancient Olympic games?

At the Olympic Games there was: diving, chariot racing, javelin throw, long jump, and triple jump. Those are a few of the things they competed in the Olympics back in 776 B.C.

What was the most exciting game in ancient Olympics?

Possibly the discus or javelin throws.

What five parts pentathlon in the ancient Olympics?

Wrestling, lung jump, sprint, discus, javelin.

What Sports were in the Ancient Olympics?

The Ancient Olympics began as a one day event, but expanded to three days to accommodate each sport. Sports at the Ancient Olympics included running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration and equestrian.

What is the sport called in the Olympics with a javelin?

The Javelin Throw.

List 3 events that were held in the ancient Olympics that are also held in the modern Olympics?

sprints boxing javelin (i'm pretty sure anyway)

Name of three sports that were part of the ancient Olympics?

The stade race, a race of approximately 200 meters, was the only event competed at the first Olympics in 776 BC. Wrestling and pentathlon were added in 708 BC. The five events of the ancient pentathlon were wrestling, discus, javelin, running, and jumping. Boxing was added in 688 BC and chariot racing was added in 680 BC.

What was the only athletic event that was held in the ancient Olympics?

There were several events in t he Ancient Olympics including running, long jump, shot put, javelin, boxing, pankration(fighting) and equestrian events.

What the similarity in ancient and modern olympic?

They are completely different. In the ancient Olympics only men competed and did so in the nude. Events that are common to the two are only running, boxing and (greco-roman) wresting. The Greeks also had a form of pentathlon which consisted of long jump, javelin throwing, discus throwing, running and wrestling.

Which ancient Olympic sports are still in today's modern Olympics?

Shot put, javelin, discus, running, wrestling.

What were some of the sports held in ancient Olympics?

Foot races, javelin, discus, all-in wrestling, chariot racing.

What are the main events in the Olympics in Greece?

The ancient Greek Olympics was a three day event. The games included, running, long jump, boxing, and javelin throwing.

Did ancient Greece invent the Olympics?

Yes, the Greeks invented the Olympics and held tornaments in Olympus. Sports like archery, javelin throwing, wrestling. BTW they did it naked.

What 5 events made up the ancient Olympics pentathlon?

long jump javelin throw discus stadion and wrestling

Who won these events in the ancient Olympics discus chariot racing pentathlon ( javelin discus running wrestling?

The best performers.

What is a sentence using the word javelin?

the Javelin Throw is my favorite Olympics event.

Has javelin been taken out of the Olympics?