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Germany was the first country to win the European cup three times.

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Q: Which country win the euro cup in football 3 times?
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Which country won the euro cup in football three times?


Which country won 2008 Euro football cup?

Spain won the 2008 Euro cup.

Which country won the euro cup in football three time?


Which contry won the euro cup in football three times?

It was Germany .

How many times Greece has won euro football cup?

1 time

Which country won the euro cup in fooball three times?

Germany have won the European cup thrice.

How many times has Romania won the football euro and champion cup?

Only Steaua Bucharest in 1986 - winner of the European Cup.

Who won the 2004 Euro Cup in football?

The 2004 Euro cup was won by Greece, the outsiders.

How many times have Wales won the Euro Cup?

Wales have never won the European Football Championships.

Who was the winner of euro cup in 2004?

This was the biggest surprise in football. Greece won the 2004 Euro cup.

Did Switzerland reach Euro cup three times?

Yes,Switzerland had reached the Euro Cup 3 times.

Who won football in 1899?

There was no world cup or the Euro cup in the year 1899.

What football team won the 1999?

There was no world cup or Euro cup in 1999.

Who won euro cup football 2008?


How many times has Portugal won the euro cup?

portugal has never won the euro cup

How many times Italy won euro cup?

Italy have won the Euro cup twice.

How many times has Australia won the football World Cup?

Australia have never won the football World Cup, even though the country/continent is so large. But they have appeared at the World Cup three times.

Which cups are associated with football?

Fifa world cup euro cup

Has Greece football team ever won a world cup?

Greece football team have won a Euro 2004 but not a world cup as yet.

Did Greece win the Euro Cup?

Yes, Greece won the UEFA European Football Championship (Euro Cup) in 2004.

Country winning the maximum football world cup?

Brazil have won it 5 times the most by any country.

Which country win football world cup many time?

Brazil has won the World Cup the most times - 5.

Where are Spain ranked in football?

Today they are first in the world, with both the Euro cup and the world cup winners.

What country is the first won world cup and euro cup?

It is France in 2000.

How many times has the host country won the Euro cup?

Three times, up to the 2012 finals. Spain in 1964, Italy in 1968 and France in 1984.