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Spain won Euro 2008

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Q: Which country was the euro soccer champion 2008?
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Related questions

Which country is the champion of UEFA Euro 2012?


Fernando Torres won Euro 2008 with which country?

Fernando Torres won the Euro 2008 with his country team Spain.

Which country won 2008 Euro football cup?

Spain won the 2008 Euro cup.

What is Spain biggest win in soccer?

Spains biggest win in soccer has been the 2008 Euro cup.

Who won the euro-cup soccer 2008?

spain won the euro cup with 1-0 over germany

Which country was beat Germany in Euro cup 2008?

Spain was the winner in 2008.

What is the best soccer ball?

Adidas Euro 2008 Australia-Switzerland Europass Glider is the best to me

When was Euro Beach Soccer Cup created?

Euro Beach Soccer Cup was created in 1998.

When was Euro Beach Soccer League created?

Euro Beach Soccer League was created in 1998.

What did Octopus Paul predicted for you?

International soccer match results at Euro 2008 and the World Cup in 2010.

Who was in the euro 2008?

No English teams was in euro 2008

Where is the Portugal vs Germany Euro 2008 soccer game being played?

it is going to be played in Basel, Switzerland

Are the spanish going to win the soccer cup?

Oh yes they will win it, as they are young and also Euro 2008 champions.

Which country is better at soccer Spain or France?

Spain, They defeated France in Euro 2012 and are the reigning world champions

Who is number 11 in Italy's soccer team?

Antonio Di Natale wore number 11 during Euro 2008

Where was euro cup 2008 held?

Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland.

What type of sport is involved with UEFA Euro 2008?

The sport involved with the UEFA Euro 2008 is football. Alternatively in America it is known as soccer as American football uses an egg shaped ball instead of a sphere and the rules are quite different.

How many goals scored in euro 2008?

there were 62 goals scored at the euro 2008

What channel does the euro 2012 come on?

EURO 2012 will be on ESPN and FSC (fox soccer channel).

Which country won the EURO 2008 after along gap of 44 years?

Spain, and it was well deserved too.

Registration code UEFA euro 2008 PC?

uefa euro registracion code 2008

Runner up and winner of EURO 2008?

The winner of the Euro 2008 was Spain, the Runner up was Germany.

Which team won euro 2008?

Spain. Euro 2008-spain. World Cup 2010-spain. Euro 2012-spain. So powerful.

What does the winning team of the 2008 euro cup get?

The winning country gets an automatic bid to the next world cup.

What country as the 2008 euro cup?

i believe it was either Barcelona or Manchester united, i think Manchester took that one

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