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Q: Which country is the first to host the youth Olympics game?
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Who was the first country to get a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

your internet is stupid and that i ment in the first game in the 2012 olympics

What was the first game for womens in olympics?

The first game that held in oiympics for womens is boxing .

What was the name of the first game show?

The Olympics

What is the first game played in the Olympics?


When was the first winter game Olympics were held in what year?

The first Winter olympics were held in 1924 - at Chamonix, in France.

What day did the Olympics start?

The first Olympics game was played at Helsinki in 1928 in Greece.

Which first country defeated India at Olympics?

In hockey, that was Pakistan in the gold medal game at the 1960 Games in Rome.It was the first loss for India in 31 hockey games at the Olympics and ended their incredible streak of 6 consecutive gold medals in hockey.

When was the first athletic game of the Olympics held?


What year was the first Olympics game?

around 1924

What events was there in the winter Olympics?

It has game and it is fun to watch your country in their and playing games

What year the Olympics game first held?

776bc in olympia ,greece

How many countries team participated in first Olympics game?