Which country did not participate in first Olympic Games?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Which country did not participate in first Olympic Games?
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What was the first country that played in the Olympic games?

The concept of the Olympic games began in Greece, and therefore Greece can be considered the first country to participate in the games.

When did Kenya first participate in the olympic games?


Who was the first Aboriginal to compete in the Olympic Games?

the first aboriginal Australian to participate in the olympic games was Kevin coombes in 1960, but he was a paralympian. (:

Is it true that womens's boxing will make its olympic debut at the London olympic games?

Yes this is true. The London 2012 Olympic Games is the first Olympic Games to allow female boxers to participate. They are eligible to participate in three events:Flyweight (51kg)Lightweight (60kg)Middleweight (75kg)

At which olympic winter games did Kenya first participate?

1998 Winter Games in Nagano. Kenya sent one athlete to participate in the 1998 Winter Games, cross country skier Philip Boit who finished 92nd in men's 10 km.

What country first held winter Olympic games?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

What year were women allowed to participate in ladylike Olympic sports?

The first Olympic Games in which women participated were those of Amsterdam, in 1928.

When did Russia first participate in the Modern Olympic Games?

1900 Games in Paris. Russia sent four athletes to participate in fencing and equestrian events. No medals were won.

What country was the first country in the world to play in the Olympic games?


When were woman allowd in the Olympics?

Women were first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games at the 1900 Paris games.

Which country were the first modern olympic host?

The first Olympic Games were held in Greece.

What country held the first Olympic games?

Ancient Greece