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Q: Which college football team has not won a national championship?
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What is lowest rank college football team to win national championship?


Did the badgers ever win national championship?

According to the College Football Data Warehouse, the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team has not yet won a national championship.

What team won the 2002 college football National championship?

Ohio State Buckeyes

What college football team won the 1957 national championship?

Auburn and Ohio state

From 1960 to 2008 which team has the most national championship n college football?

Notre Dame

What is the worst record for a team the year after winning a college football national championship?

5 AND 7

The 2003 national championship for college football was shared between the usctrojans and which team from the sec?

LSU Tigers

What college football team started the season number one and went on to win the national championship?


What college football team has won the most Associated Press national championships?

maybe this will help ...

What team won the national college of football championship 1998?

Virginia Tech and Florida State

What is the best selling college team football Jersey?

Vince Young's University of Texas #10 from their National Championship year.

Has a college football team outside the top 25 at the start of the season has ever won a national championship?

BYU did in 1984