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University of Kentucky

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Q: Which college basketball teams has been number one the most?
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Where there any changes to basketball since 1891?

Yes. The style of play. Number of players, number of teams, rules have been added and removed, leagues have been created since then and a lot more.

How many NBA teams have there been since the beginning?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1949 when BAA (Basketball Association of America) and NBL (National Basketball League) were combined. There were a total of 17 teams in this league.

Is college basketball 09 on the PSP?

no, I have been doing research and it looks like there will not be any college basketball games coming out for the psp. I really wanted ncaa basketball also.

Who was ray allen's coaches names for all of his basketball teams he has been on?

doc rivers

Has there ever been a year when there were no Big 10 teams in the NCAA basketball Sweet Sixteen?


Was a college basketball game ever been played outdoors?


Has college basketball always been without quarters?

yes it has always been divided into to halves

What does RPI stand for in college lacrosse?

Ratings Percentage Index The Rating Percentage Index (RPI) has been used by the NCAA since 1981 to supplement the selection of at-large teams and the seeding of all teams for the NCAA tournament. Ratings percentage index

How has basketball been adapted for different contexts?

Basketball has been adapted in a number of different ways for different contexts. For example basketball has been adapted to be played by people who are wheelchair bound.

Is college basketball better than overseas basketball?

Ultimately, it depends on your taste. College basketball brings out nationalism from each college, with the fans more raucous than any other professional team. The rivalries are present in each division, and when the rivals come to town, the games get very intense. The teams treat each game as though the season is on the line, and thus give 100% every game. They are also younger and more eager to play. Overseas, these guys are professionals. They have (for the most part) been to college and understand the game. The games will be less sloppy (fewer turnovers) with players having a a greater sense of how to play. Fantastic passes and alley-oops will be present, along with a tenacity synonymous with the international teams.

Is sec football better than big east basketball?

Probably yes. SEC teams have won the last 6 BC national championship games. Big east teams have't been nearly as dominant in the NCAA tournament. Last 6 winners have included ACC (Duke, UNC), Big 12 (Kansas), and SEC (Florida). I'd agree that Big East is the best in college basketball though.

How do you create basketball teams?

A new basketball team has not been created for many years, but new teams are crafted with different players all the time. Coaches are able to essentially create a new team by making trades with players and signing free agents to their team.