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University of Kentucky

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2012-02-23 08:09:10
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Q: Which college basketball teams has been number one the most?
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Is there a NBA player that went to college but never played college Basketball?

The answer is no because then the NBA teams would ever have been this good.

Has there ever been two teams from the same state ranked number one and number two in college football?

There has never been two teams from the same state to rank number 1 or 2 in college football. The number 1 college football team is Mississippi State.

What does RPI stand for in college basketball?

Ratings Percentage IndexThe Rating Percentage Index (RPI) has been used by the NCAA since 1981 to supplement the selection of at-large teams and the seeding of all teams for the NCAA basketball tournament.Ratings percentage index

Where there any changes to basketball since 1891?

Yes. The style of play. Number of players, number of teams, rules have been added and removed, leagues have been created since then and a lot more.

What is the regular season worst loss by a number one ranked team in ncaa basketball?

Many number 1 teams have been beaten. What do you mean by worst loss?

How many NBA teams have there been since the beginning?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1949 when BAA (Basketball Association of America) and NBL (National Basketball League) were combined. There were a total of 17 teams in this league.

Has there ever been a woman coach for college mens basketball?


Is college basketball 09 on the PSP?

no, I have been doing research and it looks like there will not be any college basketball games coming out for the psp. I really wanted ncaa basketball also.

Who was ray allen's coaches names for all of his basketball teams he has been on?

doc rivers

When was dunking a basketball made legal in college basketball?

Dunking was officaly banned in college basketball in 1967. The dunking ban was stopped in 1976 and dunking has been allowed probably forever.

Was a college basketball game ever been played outdoors?


Has there ever been a year when there were no Big 10 teams in the NCAA basketball Sweet Sixteen?


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