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Q: Has there ever been a year when there were no Big 10 teams in the NCAA basketball Sweet Sixteen?
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Is there a NCAA womens basketball video game?

There is, but to find it you will have to go back to EA Sports' NCAA March Madness '99. It has the Women's Sweet Sixteen tournament you can play. Tennessee and UCONN are among those teams available to choose from.

How many teams played in the original NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament?

From 1939-1950 eight teams played, in 1952 it was doubled to sixteen

Has Cornell won the NCAA tournament?

Cornell has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. They made it to the Sweet Sixteen in 2010, losing to Kentucky, 62-45.

How many NCAA division 1A basketball teams are there in US?

There are currently 347 teams in NCAA Division 1 Basketball.

When did the NCAA men's basketball tournament go to 64 teams?

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament went to 64 teams in 1985.

Has Creighton won a NCAA men's basketball tournament?

No. They've made it to the Sweet Sixteen three times but were defeated all three times.

Which Division 1 NCAA basketball team has a live mascot?

NCAA Division 1 Basketball teams

How many NCAA basketball teams are there?


How far has a number 14 seed advanced in a NCAA basketball tournament?

Sweet Sixteen two times Cleveland State in 1986 Chattanooga in 1997

How many teams were in the NCAA basketball tournament in 1984?

There were 53 teams in the 1984 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (5 play-in games before the tournament).

How many ncaa mens basketball teams are there?


Who are the NCAA teams with undefeated seasons in basketball?


How many NCAA basketball teams does Michigan have?


How many college basketball teams are eligible for the ncaa tournament?

64 teams

How many teams played in the 1939 basketball tournament?

A total of 8 teams played in the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament. Oregon won the NCAA national championship that year.

What is the most teams one conference has ever had in the sweet 16 of the men's NCAA tournament?

8, twice by the Big East. in '06 and '08 i think EDIT: In 2009 the Big East was the first conference to have five teams advance to the sweet sixteen.

Who made the NCAA tournament sweet sixteen five times?

Atlanta Braves

If there are 64 teams in the NCAA tournament when it begins how many will be left on Monday?


What d1 basketball?

D1 Basketball is Division 1 with all of the Major NCAA Teams.

What NCAA basketball teams are presently undefeated?

University of Memphis Basketball Team is undefeated.

How many basketball teams played for round 3 in the NCAA basketball for men?


How many Division 1 NCAA women basketball teams are there?

== == In Division I, there are 347 teams.

What teams remain in the Men's NCAA Basketball Finals?

No teams remain because it is over.

What does bubble teams in college basketball mean?

Teams that are on the verge of being in or out of the NCAA tournament.

How many NCAA div 1 basketball teams are there?