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m opinion, the eastern.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-25 01:35:16
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Q: Which bmx bike is better subrosa or eastern?
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What is the best stunt bmx you can get?

go for a fit bike co. or a subrosa

Is the eastern traildigger bmx bike good for beginners?

hell no! eastern are good bikes for beginner's, if u want a pro bike get a subrosa. easy access Im a ok BMX freestyle Biker and i have the Eastern traildigger it handles tricks well but i do stuff like one footers 180s no footers, but that stuff is easy!

Is a sapient bmx bike better than a hyper bmx bike?

A hyper is better

What is a good brand of BMX bike?

united sunday cult wtp verde mirraco fit odyssey subrosa for bmx parts i go odyssey salt ........ hope i was usefull :)

What is better a bmx bike or a trick bike?

There's no such thing as a trick bike buddy. A bmx technically is a "trick" bike. So just get a bmx if you want to do tricks.

What bmx bike should you get if your 5 ft 5?

a eastern

Is eastern a fine bike for bmx racing?

Its ok but you might wanna get a racing bike after awhile

How much does an eastern night wasp bmx bike cost?


What is the best bmx bike for dirt?

if you want a bike for trails and dirt go for an eastern trail digger or a fit bike

Which bike is better bmx or gear bikes?

If you want to use your bike to get around with, then a geared bike with bigger wheels is better. It will be faster, less fatiguing and offer greater rider comfort. But if you want to do BMX style riding, with jumps and tricks and that, then a BMX is a better choice.

What is the lightest bmx bike?

an eastern boss bike 2010. 22.3 lbs. i think, chech it out at click bike, then go to eastern, should be on 1st page

What is the lightest bmx bike in the world?

the lightest bmx bike is from KHE in Germany they make a bike that weighs lighter than the eastern grim reaper. The bike from khe weighs in at about 19.6lbs. The bike is the Maceto Pro 2012 you can see the bike at

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