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There both amazing bearings. i currently own bone Swiss and have skated ceramics before. i personally like ceramics better because they feel just a bit faster and they have a less likely hood of breaking if you land to hard

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Bones Swiss ceramics are better I'm assuming; pro-Skaters use them, and they are highly talked about on skate websites and skaters. I own a pair of Reds Ceramics, don't get me wrong they are great. Bones Swiss are just Bones Swiss, classic skateboard bearing highly trusted and used among skaters.

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Q: Which bearrings are better bones reds ceramics or bones Swiss?
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What is bearing is better-bones Swiss or biltin ceramics?

Bones Swiss but they're on the expensive side bud if u wna go cheaper u shud get rush blue berrings or rush bomber berrings hope this helped

Are bones Swiss skateboard bearings better than bones reds bearings?

definitley worth the extra coinige

What are the best bearings?

Bones bearings are well known as the best for many reasons. They have an amazing price range and they serve true quality. If your going for a good price, check out Bones REDS. $18 at most stores. They serve as a son to the Swiss bearings and they are well priced. If your going for quality and have money, try either Bones Swiss, or Pig Swiss. If you ride a longboard consider Bones Swiss Ceramics. These are the BEST bearings out there but i do not recommend them for street skating or tricks because the ceramic balls (lightest, smoothest, and water proof) will shatter on enough impact!

What are the examples of brittle?

glass, ceramics, bones, etc.

What are better for longboarding bones reds or abec 9s?

By far they are better it cost up to $30 but if you are looking for the top one would be the Bones Swiss which are up to $50-80 depends where you look.

What are the best bearings in the world?

Bones Swiss Ceramic.

Are bones reds Swiss good longboard bearings?

yes but better ones are bone reds or pink panthers they are amazing just keep em clean

What is the best wheel bearing out now for skateboarding?

Bones Swiss creamics

What is the most recommended Barring for a skate board?

Reds and Swiss Bones

What is the best brand for bearings?

i would of said bones eg:bones reds , bones Swiss but the expensive ones arnt worth paying for :)

What are the best bearings to use on a skateboard?

Bones Swiss but they're expensive but they're worth it

What are the best skate board bearings?

bones Swiss are the best bearings.they are on the expensive side but are worth it.