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Q: Which batsman has the highest run in T20 cricket?
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Bangladeshi Which batsman Highes ran T20 World cup 2007?

Ashraful made highest run in t20

In Cricket the highest test run scorer batsman of Pakistan?

Hanif mohammad not saeed anwar

Which batsman is the highest run scorer in a cricket test match in a single day?


Which Pakistani batsman scored the most run in world T20 2009?

Kamraan Akmal

Who is highest run taker in t20 world cup 2010?

Jayawardene (SL) is the highest run taker in t20 world cup 2010

Individual highest run in test cricket?

Brian Lara who scored 400 not out vs England in Antigua in 2001. That is the highest score by any batsman in the history of test cricket. Yes i agree. sacin Tendilker is the highest rungetter in test history

In cricket if no ball is thron and batsman is heat wicket he is out or not out?

Not out. Only way to get batsman out when a no ball is thrown is run out.

Who is the highest run scorer in English test cricket?

Graham gooch has scored 8900 most by an english batsman in just 116 test matches

Who is the 1 cricket to hit 6 run in the t20?

Ricky Ponting

What is the time limit a new batsman has to reach the crease?

A batter (or batsman) is not timed, as far as I know, in test cricket. It may be different in some of the other versions. If the batsman hits the ball without it being caught or running to score a run he will not be the batsman at the end of the over (six balls). His colleague will be the batsman for an over and then it will be his turn again.

What is the maximum number of times a batsman can run in cricket?

4 times


kumar sankagara(2000-present) is highest run scoring batsman now he scored 14,189 runs in 403 matches. he played 379 innings, scored 49 hundreds and 96 50's and still scoring.