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Q: Which basketball equipment shoes and accessories phone number has the black mens avia us flag sneakers?
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Where can one shop for basketball accessories?

One looking to purchase Basketball Accessories can do so at a number of websites. Including but not limited to 'Amazon' and 'eBay'. Local retailers selling sports goods are also a good place to go to.

What was chuck Taylor number in basketball?

what was chuck Taylor number in basketball

What kind of shoes does onlineshoes offer?

A buyer can find almost any type of shoe, boot, heel, running shoe, sneakers, or any other type of foot apparel and equipment online at a number of foot warehouses.

What to wear on a first date to a basketball game?

Basketball shoes( you don't have to, any sneakers will do), Shorts ( no pockets) high socks( no ankle socks, you could increase chance of spraining your ankles), T- shirt or basketball singlet ( preferably with a number on it) and no form of jewelery.

What's a good place to find accessories for a walker?

If you are looking for a place you can go in person the best place is a medical equipment supply store. Also, stores such as Walgreens and Target often have accessories in their health and beauty or pharmacy sections. If you want to order online, has a number of accessories as does Rehabmart ( and 1-800-Wheelchair (

What is Ruth Riley's basketball number?

Ruth Riley's basketball number is currently 00.

What is a basketball player with a number 5?

basketball player with a number 5- Carlos Boozer from Germany

Where could someone find Keds sneakers and shoes for kids?

Keds sneakers and shoes for kids can be found at a number of places. One can go to a retail store or buy sneakers and shoes for kids online from Keds, Shoe Me, Soft Mac, or Amazon.

What are some classic accessories?

There are a number of classic accessories and it depends what type of accessories one means. Generally classic accessories include a watch, cell phone, Swiss army knife and wallet.

Does a basketball player number signify their position?

There is no connection between a basketball player's number and the position he or she plays.

Why there is no number 3 in basketball?

The number 3 is available to choose in basketball. Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade currently done the number.

The number of basketball players playing on the USA basketball team?