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This is an old experiment. Neither. Both balls have the same velocity as gravity draws on them equally.

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Q: Which ball if dropped has more velocity a bouncy ball or a tennis ball?
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Which one of the balls bounces the longest a tennis ball a soft ball or a bouncy ball?

A bouncy ball.

What is an adjective for tennis ball?


What is the terminal velocity of a bouncy ball?


How bouncy are lacrosse balls?

Usually very bouncy, more bouncy then a tennis ball or basically any other sports ball

What happens if you puncture a tennis ball?

it's not as bouncy

Why does a bouncy ball bounce higher when dropped from a high point?

It has more pressure

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

a tennis ball will bounce the highest as in sports or a bouncy ball bounces higher than that

Can a bouncy ball jump over a 10 story building?

It could if you slammed the bouncy ball on the ground hard enough, or if you dropped it from a 30 story building. probably not

What factors affect a bouncy ball from bouncy?

The factors that affect the bounce of a dropped ball include...... the height from which it is dropped; the force applied to it, if any, when dropped; the acceleration of gravity, which is different depending upon what planet you're on ; the elasticity of the ball; the density of the atmosphere, which affects "air resistance"; and the rigidity and elasticity of the surface on which the ball bounces.

A tennis ball is dropped from 1.55 m above the ground It rebounds to a height of 0.824 mWith what velocity does it hit the ground?

31 m/s

What surface creates the biggest bounce for a tennis ball?

Hard Court surfaces are the the most bouncy.

Why velocity is non zero when ball dropped to the ground?

The initial velocity of a dropped ball is zero in the y (up-down) direction. After it is dropped gravity causes an acceleration, which causes the velocity to increase. F = ma, The acceleration due to gravity creates a force on the mass of the ball.

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