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Usually very bouncy, more bouncy then a tennis ball or basically any other sports ball

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Q: How bouncy are lacrosse balls?
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Are lacrosse balls bouncy?


Can you use field hockey balls in lacrosse?

No Field Hockey balls are too hard and are not bouncy enough for lacrosse.

What are names of bouncy balls?

What bouncy balls? hahaha

By are balls bouncy?

Because rubber is bouncy!!!! and bouncy balls are made out of rubber.

What are the names of rare bouncy balls?

rare bouncy balls

What are bouncy balls made of?

if its small bouncy balls they are made of rubber

What are facts about bouncy balls?

bouncy balls are fun to little kids

How many groups of 4 bouncy balls can be selected from 12 bouncy balls?


What is are bouncy balls made of?

Bouncy Balls are made of hard rubber.

How are lacrosse balls made?

Lacrosse balls are made out of rubber.

Who created bouncy balls?

Norman Stingley invented the bouncy ball.

What are the bouncy things lacrosse players use to pass to themselves?

They are like A big ball of rubber like a bouncy ball but bigger so it is called a lacrosse ball.

Where can you buy bulk bouncy balls?

You can buy a wide variety of bulk amounts of bouncy balls at Go to the website address below to see a list of the bouncy balls we have. Mention coupon code WIKIANS for 10% off!

Where were bouncy balls invented?


Do you like bouncy balls?


Why were bouncy balls made?

To bounce...

Why do smaller bouncy balls bounce higher than larger bouncy balls?

Because the contrast of the balls' size as opposed to the surface it bounces off of.

What is a catchy science fair title for bouncy balls?

Bouncy Ball Mania

Are soft lacrosse balls and normal lacrosse balls the same?

no normal lax balls are much harder

Bouncy balls are made of what elements?

Store-bought bouncy balls are made of rubber, another material that is made up of polymers. When the bouncy ball is stretched, these polymer chains uncoil and straighten. When released, the chains coil back up again. This makes the material stretchy and bouncy.

What is the world record for bouncy ball collection?

As far as we know, there is no "official" record. However, here are some reports of the largest collections of Bouncy Balls from our community:One large collection is in Wisconsin. It has 5,453 bouncy balls in it.Another user has reported a bouncy ball collection that contains 10,256 bouncy balls.

Are super bouncy balls a mixture?


How many bouncy balls are there in the world?


Is a bouncy ball recyclable?

A bouncy ball is indeed recyclable. This is because bouncy balls are made out of complex rubbers and plastics which are recyclable.

Which ball bounces higher a bouncy ball or a basketball?

small bouncy balls will bounce higher