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the good ones

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Q: Which athlete uses muscles to play soccer '?
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What muscles does soccer work out?

The entire body. Soccer involves a lot of running which uses a majority of the body's muscles. Minor ones like the ones that wiggle your ears may not be used, however that is up to you.

What athlete uses cross training?

Every athlete.

Who uses a soccer ball?

soccer players!

What sport uses the most muscles?

The sport that uses the most muscles is ballet!

What athlete uses social media?


What kind of athlete uses a beam?

A gymnast

What are the muscles a soccer goalie uses to block the ball?

That Question dont make sense they use or there body so it would have to be almost every muscle

What muscles do you work when you play bowling?

It varys from person to person depending on your form and level of training. Most ametures use their arms, legs, back and core muscles.An elite athlete minimizes the muscle use in their arm and focuses on the muscles in their wrist to generate rotation, and rely on gravity to gain momentum. An elite bowler uses all the stabilizing muscles related to balance, mostly their core, back, and almost all of your leg muscles.

What are the main muscles a soccer player uses?

All of them, but mostly the calves, thighs and gluteus maximii, as well as abdominal and pectoral muscles for balance and biceps and triceps for fighting for a position during corner kicks and freekicks.

Which sport you play that uses all the ball in a game?

cricket,baseball,soccer,football i can't name all of them.

What athlete uses peptide hormones?

Diane modahl

What athlete uses the lats repeatedly?

Swimmers and surfers

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