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If a player fouls an opposing team player in their 'own penalty box' a penalty is awarded

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Q: Which area of the field does a foul have to occur for a penalty kick to be awarded?
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If a foul is committed on the line of the penalty area is it a penalty?

The line defining the penalty area is considered part of the penalty area. If it was a defender fouling an attacker, then a penalty kick is awarded.

If there is a handball in the box is it a penalty kick or a free kick?

A penalty kick is awarded if the deliberate handling was by a defender in their own penalty area. A direct free kick is awarded if it was by an attacker.

May an indirect free kick be awarded in the penalty area?

An indirect free kick may be awarded in the penalty area. It is not promoted to a penalty kick. If it is in the goal area, the kick location must be moved away from the goal line to the top of the goal area (6 yards out).

Where is the penalty area?

They are on the sides of the field.

Is it a penalty kick when a keeper has the ball in his hands and a foul is committed in the penalty box?

A foul does not have to be near the ball. A foul must occur (1) by a player, (2) on the field of play, (3) against an opponent, and (4) while the ball is in play. If the foul you describe is by a defender, against an attacker, in the defender's penalty area then play is stopped and a penalty kick awarded. Depending on the severity, it could also be misconduct.

Can an indirect free kick be awarded inside the 18 yard box?

Yes. An indirect free kick, for either team, may be awarded within the penalty area. Only the defense may be awarded a direct free kick in the penalty area.

High tackle inside the penalty area?

The offending player would most likely get a straight red, and a penalty would be awarded.

Can a player be fouled inside the penalty box and not be awarded a penalty?

"Foul" is a term used to describe an offence punishable by a direct free kick. If a defender fouls an attacker in the defender's penalty area then a penalty kick is the prescribed restart. There's a loophole in your question. What if the attacker fouls the defender in the defender's penalty area? A direct free kick is awarded to the defense.

Are there penalties in soccer?

There are penalty kicks in soccer. A penalty kick is awarded when a defender commits a direct free kick offense while within his own penalty area.

What happens if a soccer player touches the ball with his hands?

If it was deliberately handled, then a direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the location of the infraction. If it happened in the penalty area, then a penalty kick would be awarded.

In Field Hockey-what is a free hit?

A free hit is a penalty awarded to a team for an minor offense by the team. It can be awarded to either team anywhere between the 23 metre lines, to the defense anywhere in their own 23 metre area, and to the attack within the 23 metre area but outside the circle they are attacking.

What is a penalty goal in soccer?

A penalty kick is awarded for an infraction within the penalty area. When the kick is laid up the goalkeeper is not allowed to leave his/her line before the ball has been kicked.