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From the penalty kick point.

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Q: Which angle is best to score from on a soccer field?
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The best angle to score a soccer goal?

Slightly to the right because a normal soccer player shoots with their right foot so the angle would help the shot by more speed being put on the ball.

What is the best shooting angle soccer?

Tajba truder!

What is the best blunder ever in soccer?

Score an own goal.

Who figured out the best angle for soccer goals?

the optimal angle of ball strike for optimal ball travel is 45 degrees. depending on field position and intended position of goal angle should be measured the player at any given moment

What about soccer information?

well the most best thing you can do in soccer is score a goal always try to pass to your teamats And the best thing is to have fun!

Which is the best angle to score a soccer goal?

Aim low and in the corners. These are the hardest spots for a keeper to reach the ball. In my recent test, when shooting from about the penalty line, aim from a 40-60 degree angle for maximum results near the corners.

Who score the best goal in soccer for ever?

Dan Pszonak...20,000 goals

Is soccer an aggressive or passive game?

It is an aggressive one, as teams only score by getting past their opponents. Defense is important but attacking is the best way to prevent the other team from concentrating on your end of the field, where they may get a score or penalty kick.

What is the best possible geometric name for the shape of a soccer field?


What is th best unit for measuring the length of a soccer field?

the meter.

What type of soil is best for a soccer field?

sandy soil because it is soft

Why would you like soccer?

Because soccer is the best sport in the world. Also because it is not as hard as it seems it is really fun and easy. Trust me, I am in soccer and i score three goals every game.

What is the best score any soccer team has gotten?

Arbroath 36 bon accord 0, scottish cup.

Low angle view?

this term is often confused with angle of field and field of view. The angle of view is the (diagonal) angle subtended by the scene captured in the photograph. This establishes the disc of best definition required for the lens. The angle of field is the angle subtended at the lens rear nodal point by the diagonal of the format itself. In a rectilinear image this is the same as the angle of view, but not for anamorphic images such as those produced by fisheye lenses. 'Field of view' simply describes the area covered in a scene. For example, although the angle of view of a fisheye lens is 180 degrees, its angle of field may be as low as 90 degrees. The field of view may be described as 'horizon to horizon'. For a standard (prime) lens the angle of field is typically 50-55 degrees, the same as the angle of view, and the field of view is roughly the same as that of the eye in a normal viewing of a scene or a picture.

What would be the best metric unit to to measure the length of a soccer field?

In metersmetres and acres

Who is the best Italian Soccer Player?

For field players there are many good choices, but as for goalkeepers its all about Buffon. On the field it would be Ballotelli and Di Natale

Who is the best soccer player in the world in 2010?

The best soccer player in the world in 2010 was Lionel Messi, nuber 10. Even tho he didn't score this year, he is still ranked best in the world. Messi plays for Argentina and is 32 years old.

What size soccer ball travels farthest?

The size 4 soccer ball goes the fastest because Gian Cua one of the best soccer players in the world kicked it through the whole field

What are the best soccer boots for a goalkeeper?

You want a powerful soccer boot so that you can kick far out into the field, so I suggest Adidas Predator or the Nike T90 series.

What would be the best unit and tool for measuring the width of a soccer field?

Meters because mileswouldn'twork nor wouldkilometers

What customary unit of length would be best to give the distance across a soccer field?

Yards, feet or metres

Us soccer field?

Red Bull Arena is widely recongized as the best US soccer stadium, maybe even the best in the world. It is home to the not so great but easily lovable NY Red Bulls

How can you be discovered by soccer scouts?

I used to play soccer so i know what too doo,, You need to try your best, even if your not on the field, On the field, its all about you, Off the field you can do whatever you want, but when you walk onto that field its game time no matter what, Just be yourself, Dont be a poser, Hope i could help!! Thanks,

What soccer player score the best goal ever?

Marco Van Basten's goal for Holland against England in the 1988 European Championships.

What is the best running workout to train for soccer?

Run around a track or jog up a hill or sprint across a field.