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Q: What is the best possible geometric name for the shape of a soccer field?
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What is the geometric shape of a football field?

It is a prolate spheroid.

What geometric shape are the black parts of a traditional soccer ball?

Pentagons are black, hexagons are white.

Is Hockey field and soccer field same?

yes in a way it is, but a field hockey field has a "dome shape" around the goal. and a soccer field's is more like a rectangle.

How many triangles are in a soccer field?

The closest thing to a triangle shape in a soccer field are the corner field marks and they are not technically triangles. The answer is zero.

What shape must a soccer field be?

a rectangle

What shape is required for a soccer field?

The field has to be in the shape of a rectangle. 105 metres long and 65 metres broad.

What is the geometric name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The shape of a soccer ball is a sphere. The stitching pattern of a traditional ball is that of a truncated icosahedron cocentric with the sphere with the pattern projected onto the sphere.

Can you show a picture of geometric shapes?

Type the words "geometric shapes" in the search field of your browser and click SEARCH. You will get many websites with pictures of almost any geometric shape you can think of.

What shape is a soccer field?

Rectangular it is rectangular in shape and has 120 yards

Is it possible that a parallelogram be inscribed in a circle?

All geometric shapes can be inscribed in a circle, since the circle is bigger than the other geometric shape inscribed in it. (Obviously)

What geometric shape starts with the letter q?

the geometric shape which start with q is quadrilateral

Is a triangle geometric or organic shape?

A triangle is a geometric shape.

Why is a triangle the strongest geometric shape?

The Circle is the strongest geometric shape, not the Triangle.

What is the geometric name for a standard soccer ball?

The name for a solid shape made out of that specific arrangement of hexagons and pentagons is known as a 'truncated icosohedron'. Once fully inflated, a ball is typically spherical in shape. So the geometric name would be a sphere.

Why the shape is a sphere in soccer?

So that the ball can roll cleanly on the field.

Things that are shaped like a pentagon?

the home plate of a baseball field

What is the geometric shape of a shoebox?

The geometric shape of a shoebox is a rectangular prisim.

What shape is geometric shape?

A sphere.

Difference between a free form and a geometric shape?

geometric shape is r

Is a oval a geometric shape?

yes it is most definetly a geometric shape. :D

What geometric shape is a tepee?

The geometric shape of a tepee is a cone :)

What geometric shape are in truss bridges?

The geometric shape used in truss bridges is the triangle.

What is every soccer team?

Every soccer team has 11 players. Every soccer team plays on a field that is in the shape of a rectangle. Every team has a goal to protect.

Do all trusses use geometric shapes?

By definition, yes. Any shape is a geometric shape.

What do you call a 5 sided geometric shape?

A five sided geometric shape is called a pentagon.