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The Mighty Demons of course!LOL

Melbourne Football Club.

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Q: Which Victorian Australian Rules Football team won the Premiership in 1960?
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What is Australian football called?

Football, Footy, Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules, Aerial Ping Pong.

Where did Australian Rules Football start?

Australian rules football started in melborne, Victoria in 1859.

Who won the great South Australian rules football league SANFL premiership?

The South Australian National Football League (SANFL)Premiership for the past few years has been won thus:2007: Central District2008: Central District2009: Central District2010: Central District2011: Woodville-West TorrensCentral District has dominated the competition, in fact, since the turn of the Century!

Popular Australian sports?

AFL ( Australian Rules Football)

What Australian sports are played in the winter?

australian rules football

What form of football has 18 players?

Australian Rules Football.

Which sport is played by the Collingwood Magpies?

AFL, or Australian Football League - Football (Australian Rules)

What is a backman?

A backman is a position in Australian rules football - there are six backmen - acting as defenders, on an 18-strong Australian rules football side.

Where can someone find rules for Australian football?

You can find the rules for Australian football online at websites such as Point Me To It and WikiHow. You can also find the different between Australian and American football by visiting its associated Wikipedia page.

Where can one find information regarding Australian rules for football?

Australian rules football is a game played by two teams each comprising 18 players. The field of play is oval in shape, as is the ball. Information about Australian rules football can be found on Wikipedia.

Is afl a acromyns?

yes it is, it stands for Australian Football League, which is the highest league level of Australian Rules Football

What is the name for an Australian Rules football field?

an oval