Which NFL team have retired

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Q: Which NFL team have retired
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What NFL team name was retired by the NFL?

Houston oilers

What NFL team has retired the most numbers?

I don't know, idiot!

What NFL team retired Joe Morrison's number?

New York Giants

What NFL team will Darren Sharper play for in the 2011-2012 year?

He retired

Marcus Allen-what NFL team is he on now?

he has been retired for a few years

Who was the first team to be retired in NFL history 1998?

The Houston Oilers were the first to retire from the NFL. -- Sterlo Crowe

What NFL team retired the number 12 for the fans the 12th man?

The Seattle Seahawks

Which NFL team retired the number 12 in honor of its fans?

In honour of the loudest fans in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks retired the number 12 to honour their fan base which calls themselves the 12th man. It was retired on December 15, 1984.

What is the significance of having a player's number retired for an NFL team?

It means you will be forever remember with the team who retired your number. No one else on that team can have your number. Actually, if the organization sees fit anyone can wear the number even while it's retired. It'll still be retired and people will remember who wore it, but the number will be considered active.

Why did the Houston oilers get removed from the NFL?

The name Oilers was retired per the request of team owner Bud Adams.

What New York Giants jersey was the first to be retired?

The first Giants jersey to be retired, which was also the first jersey ever retired by an NFL team, was the #1 of offensive/defensive end Ray Flaherty in 1935.

Is Patrick Mannelly retired from the NFL?


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