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It means you will be forever remember with the team who retired your number. No one else on that team can have your number.

Actually, if the organization sees fit anyone can wear the number even while it's retired. It'll still be retired and people will remember who wore it, but the number will be considered active.

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Q: What is the significance of having a player's number retired for an NFL team?
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Who are the Redskins retired players?

The Redskins have had hundreds of retired players. They only have one officially retired number, however, the Number 33 jersey of Sammy Baugh.

How many players have had their uniform number retired at Notre Dame?


What current MLB players wear the number 3?

Nobody baseball retired it.

Do hockey player's numbers mean anything?

Players usually have the option to choose the number they wish to wear as long as the number is not retired or being used by another player on that team. Some players choose numbers that have a special significance in their lives or is simply the number they have always worn since they started the game as kids.

What number has major league baseball retired forever?

42, Jackie Robinson's number. When it was retired, the few players who had that as their number got to finish their careers with that number. They were very lucky folks too

What New York Yankees players wore the retired number 6?

Joe Torre

What Red Sox players wore number six?

Johnny Pesky wore number six. That number is now retired.

What is the history behind the hockey number 99?

Number 99 was Wayne Gretzky's jersey number. There were others before him, but there will not be any after. Wayne's number 99 was the first and I believe only number to be retired by NHL. A lot of players have their number retired by their teams, but his was the first, number 99, to be retired by the League.

Do EPL teams retire numbers?

Yes, Manchester city recently retired the number off a young player who unfortunately died on the pitch. Idont know the players number or name but his number did get retired.

Which players have worn number 9 for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Enos Slaughter wore No.9, and his number is now retired.

Which two players with the number '8' were retired by the New York Yankees?

Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey

What baseball players wore 4?

Lou Gehrig of the NY Yankees did. His number has since been retired.

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