Which NBA team won the 1st NBA title in 1947?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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The Philadelphia warriors.

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Q: Which NBA team won the 1st NBA title in 1947?
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What is the basketball team of Minneapolis?

NBA team- Minneapolis Lakers(1947-1960) there is no current NBA team in Minneapolis.

Which NBA team won the finals in 1947?

The Philadelphia Warriors

Which Team of basketball Won the first basketball title?

In the NBA, the first team to win an NBA title are the Philadelphia Warriors. Led by their guard"Jumpin' Joe" Fulks who won the regular season scoring title at 23.2 points per game, they went on to beat the Chicago Stags 4 games to 1 in the Finals during the 1946-1947 season.

What team has not won a NBA title?

Charlotte Bobcats

Who is the only coach to coach a team to a NCAA title and NBA title?

Larry Brown

Which NBA basketball team won the first NBA champoinship?

the 76ers back in 1947 they were known as the warriors back then

Who was the first basketball team to win a basketball chapionship?

if your talking NBA: it was Philadelphia in 1947

What year was lakers first game?

The team was founded in 1947 and joined the NBA in 1948.

Which NBA team had the oldest starting 5 to win the title?

Boston Celtic

What team have not won a nba title?

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Charlotte Bobcats both have not won a title, but I'm sure there is more.

Does the NBA have a championship title for the winner?

Yes! They Get The Title Of Being Called "The Best Basketball Team In The World" And Get A Pretty Nice Team Trophy and A Quite Nice Championship Ring.

Which NBA team has the most title?

Boston Celtics. They won 17 titles. GO CELTICS!!!